Below is a list of dates and events as they have occurred in the campaign.  To insure they are sorted in chronological order, sort (either ascending or descending) on the Timestamp column.

Explanation of the Timestamp

The timestamp consists of 5 parts that are time units from long timespan to short time span.  These parts are:

  1. 01-12 - Cycle
  2. 1-9 - Age of a Cycle
  3. 0001-4000 - Year of an Age
  4. 01-12 Month of a Year
  5. 01-28 Day of a Month
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June 14, 2005 AD Tktk assists Lou Hunter in exposing an entity from her reality. Aifos arrives to repair Lou's reality and then shunts Tktk back to where she belongs. Tktk in the Modern World 99220050614 
June 13, 2005 AD Tktk contends with Lou's psycho girl friend. Help Lou track and banish a devilish mobster. Disjointed 99220050613 
June 12, 2005 AD Tktk finds herself in the streets of New York City. Makes contact with Octavious "Lou" Aifos Slaad Hunter. Schism 99220050612 
Hexatina 14, 4234 Kinnickinnic encounters an earlier instance of Aifos, imprisoned, and Zodyu reveals himself. Kinnickinnic's mother, as an angel, convinces her son to release Aifos and return to the past. Kinnickinnic After the End of the World 13042340614 
Hexatina 13, 4234 Zodyu has Kinnickinnic match wits with an ancient dragonborn sage. Zodyu challenges Kinnickinnic to animate, control and program the outwitted sage. Disjointed 13042340613 
Hexatina 12, 4234 Kinnickinnic finds himself in the Sternzweck Castle Stacks, Starport. Travels to the Temple in Starport. Makes contact with Zodyu the God of Death (in disquise). Schism 13042340612 
Propyltina 14, 17 Wingra steals into the Cave of Secrets with Zodyu allowing The Bastard's Flaming Sword to dominate the half-ogre as Aifos arrives and rescues Wingra. Wingra at the Birth of an Empire 11900170314 
Propyltina 13, 17 Wingra heals Betrayer Scout. Wingra at the Birth of an Empire 11900170313 
Propyltina 12, 17 Wingra meets Zodyu the Half-Ogre and accompanies him into the Rearing Realm Mountains. Wingra at the Birth of an Empire 11900170312 
Hexatina 5, 16 Wingra is tasked with delivering an offering to Lehnbor at the top of the temple's spire. Deliver an heir of Ran under less than congenial circumstances. Disjointed 11900160605 
Hexatina 4, 16 Wingra finds herself in the Temple of Lehnbor, The City-State of Walton. Makes contact with Dodgess, High Priestess of Lehnbor the Senator Schism 11900160604 
Nonotina 24, 42 The Rustoleii depart Ithl'Quessir upon the dragon zombie to investigate what becomes of Mornzimatorix's realm. They pass over Hinterburg and take fire from several ballistae, which causes the dragon zombie to crash. The group returns to their time. Betrayal 11100420924 
Nonotina 23, 42 Hobbs turns on The Rustoleii as his goblinoid army advances on Ithl'Quessir. Kinnickinnic, with Tktk's help, quickly scatter the army using the dragon zombie to engage them. Betrayal 11100420923 
Nonotina 22, 42 The Rustoleii, after several days of searching the ruins of Ithl'Quessir, they find a dismal necropolis. They fend off a number of wraiths before entering the mausoleum. There they find a dread wraith, which Kinnickinnic manages to take control of. They find treasure, but no indication that any elves remain. Ingress - Day 8 11100420922 
Nontina 18, 42 The Rustoleii approach the ruins of central Ithl'Quessir only to awaken green dragon from its slumber. They defeat the dragon after an enlightening discussion about the peril dragons face in this time. Kinnickinnic animates the dragon after its demise. Ingress - Day 4 11100420918 
Nonotina 17, 42 The Rustoleii find the temple where Hobbs relates is the place he was sentenced to death. The elves that did so appear to still inhabit the ruins. They are actually phasms to which they put an end. Ingress - Day 3 11100420917 
Nonotina 16, 42 The Rustoleii find an ancient ruined mansion and are set upon by its guardians. The dismantle, deactivate or take control of the shield guardians before finding proof they are in their future. Ingress - Day 2 11100420916 
Nonotina 15, 42 The Rustoleii enter the ruined suburbs of Ithl'Quessir. Aifos now appears to be a teen and has no idea what is going on. Hobbs confirms that this is not the same timeframe as when he entered the city just a couple days earlier. Ingress - Day 1 11100420915 
Methyltina 5,2560 The Rustoleii meet with the king of the Dwarves and are rewarded for their efforts against the dragon. Furtherance 08925600105 
Methyltina 1, 2560 The Rustoleii emerge from another timeshift and find themselves in the Arcaneum in Matinia's Dwelve in The Rearing Realm where the dwarves have captured a red dragon. Again 08925600101 
Dodecitina 24, 2559 The Rustoleii manage to break into the Orbmaster's vault and acquire the orb, but time shifts again in the process. Heist 08925591224 
Dodecitina 17, 2559 The Rustoleii, having rested a bit, return to The Archives to being researching how to steal the orb form the Orbmaster's vault. Heist 08925591217 
Dodecitina 15, 2559 The Rustoleii arrive at Mount Orange and enter Shadowhall. Capture 08925591215 
Dodecitina 14, 2559 The Rustoleii discover Aifos the Indigo has been destroyed. Recovery 08925591214 
Dodecitina 8, 2559 Kinnickinnic completes transcribing Gruulamesh's spells. Recovery 08925591208 
Pentatina 16, 2559 The Rustoleii destroy Gruulamesh and his grown undead army while Ksirb Emitae prevents Aifos from destroying Ithl'Quessir's mythal. Incursion 08925590516 
Pentatina 14, 2559 The Rustoleii, after returning to Foortmaar briefly, recruit Lari Arro to return with them to Ithl'Quessir by teleporting from the top of their tower that extend beyond the mythal's reach. Disgust 08925590514 
Pentatina 13, 2559 The Rustoleii defeat a purple worm that would have destroyed the elvish archive, then are attacked by illithids trying to avenge the ulitharid the group slew a week earlier. Extraction 08925590513 
Pentatina 8, 2559 The Rustoleii find the Archives of Mithr and its treasures. Tuition 08925590508 
Pentatina 5, 2559 The Rustoleii teleport to Mithr Return 08925590505 
Butyltina 22, 2559 The Rustoleii learn the temporal reality had been broken when Aifos was killed as a youth. They determine a way to rectify the temporal anomaly. They also find out the location of Mithr, the location of the plans for the artifact they are trying craft, is Yin Cheng. Empiric 08925590422 
Butyltina 18, 2559 The Rustoleii discover Yacura Osta Tel'Quessir and The Alchemical Workings of Steelisin while searching the workshop in Ithl'Quessir Empiric 08925590418 
Butyltina 15, 2559 The Rustoleii restart the Artifact Forge of Ithl'Quessir. Trial 08925590415 
Butyltina 12, 2559 The Rustoleii return from the rod of security to find an Ithl'Quessir patrol marching through the area. After a brief discussion and the revelation that Ksirb Emitae has crossed The Everfloat, they are escorted to Ithl'Quessir.  Revisit 08925590412 
Butyltina 10, 2559 The Rustoleii encounter Ksirb Emitae at the edge of the maple groves that surround Ithl'Quessir and narrowly escape using their recently acquired rod of security. Revisit 08925590410 
Butyltina 8, 2559 The Rustoleii slay an adult black dragon in swamp just west of The Everfloat after slaying two younger black dragons the previous day. Maelstrom 08925590408 
Butyltina 6, 2559 The Rustoleii throw a party at the inn that goes until sunrise. They check on Skelesis after sleeping most of the day. When returning to the inn, the guild masters are waiting for them to acknowledge their defeat. Business 08925590406 
Butyltina 5, 2559 The Rustoleii sell off most of the rest their accumulated treasure. One guild strikes by assassination and another tries to shill them. Kinnickinnic returns the assassin to the guild as a zombie. The group turns in the thief and his stolen gem to the city watch. Business 08925590405 
Butyltina 4, 2559 The Rustoleii arrive at Hinterburg, sell some treasure, kill some thieves. Peregrination 08925590404 
Butyltina 2, 2559 The Rustoeii and Skelesis fend off a raiding party of sahuagin on Raven Lake Peregrination 08925590402 
Butyltina 1, 2559 The Rustoleii return to Rust River Falls to find it quite different from when they last visited...and all their parents are alive and well. Homecoming 08925590401 
Propyltina 16, 2559 The Rustoleii, having completed their river journey, cross The Everfloat into Ithl'Quessir. They find a hanged hobgoblin that still clings to life. This Hobbs joins the group claiming to know the city they are about to enter. Crossing 08925590316 
Propyltina 5, 2559 The Rustoleii arrive in Nienil and begin their return to The Hinterlands. Paddle 08925590305 
Propyltina 1, 2559 The Rustoleii arrive in Karakorum, encountering Droogon and slaying him while saving the Khan's live. They are joined by a younger Aifos comparable to the one Kinnickinnic saved in the future. Covetousness 08925590301 
Ethyltina 17, 2559 The audience with Auroqualorix and attack on his palace. Treachery 08925590217 
Ethyltina 16, 2559 A few days later, a couple of raggedly dressed men stumble on the road from the forest, seemingly disoriented, lost and the worse for wear. They are not what they seem to be and transform into oni when the group lets its guard down. At long last The Rustoleii make it to a vast city hidden in the jungle. They are queried by the Duifu and asked a number of questions before a TongJun intervenes with quite considerable knowledge of their journey. The TongJun leads the group to a chamber within a great palace where they meet with the Danwèi zhihui guan and several other high ranking officers. He informs them of some rules of etiquette before leading them into a vast chamber where the impossibly large great gold wyrm Auroqualorix awaits. Seeking 08925590216 
Ethyltina 13, 2559 Another day they come across an old couple whose cart has tipped over and needs to be righted and reloaded. Seeking 08925590213 
Ethyltina 12, 2559 The group encounters a merchant caravan that was been attacked in the night. Healing, searching and fixing are in order. Seeking 08925590212 
Ethyltina 11, 2559 The Rustoleii continue their search for Auroqualorix. They leave Misishi at the prompting of a drunken master named Chan. Chan instructs the group to help any they find on the road he leads them to. They don't get far before an angered Go-Zu Oni confronts them on the forest road. Seeking 08925590211 
Ethyltina 9, 2559 The group arrives in Misishi. Transmorgify 08925590209 
Ethyltina 7, 2559 Drogoon leads the group to a time portal. The Rustoleii get shunted throughout the multiverse and then return on the opposite side of the portal in the mountains. Fossick 08925590207 
Ethyltina 6, 2559 The group wanders Matinia's Delve and sells accumulated spoils. They fend off a gang of dwarven thugs. Fossick 08925590206 
Ethyltina 5, 2559 The Rustoleii arrive in The Rearing Realm. Fossick 08925590205 
Dodecitina 27, 2558 A mind flayer takes great interest in The Rustoleii, the first humans it has ever seen in The Underdark. Spelunk 08925581227 
Dodecitina 10, 2558 The Rustoleii are ambushed by a Drow patrol. Spelunk 08925581210 
Undecitina 28, 2558 The Rustoleii encounter a gibbering mouther. Spelunk 08925581128 
Undecitina 26, 2558 The Rustoleii are ambushed by a duergar patrol. Spelunk 08925581126 
Undecitina 23, 2558 The Rustoleii run across a pair of violet fungi as the day starts. At the end of the day of travel a cloaker has laired in the area where the dwarves decide to stop and rest. Spelunk 08925581123 
Undecitina 18, 2558 The Rustoleii leave Shadowhall with the Dwarven caravan bound for The Rearing Realm. Spelunk 08925581118 
Decitina 19, 2558 The group descends to the orb vault. Missive 08925581019 
Decitina 18, 2558 The Rustoleii find a message carved in stone from Aifos that the archivists of the dwarves have been guarding and maintaining for millennia. Tktk makes two duplicate keys to open passage to the orb vault. Missive 08925581018 
Decitina 17, 2558 The Rustoleii enter the dwarven metropolis of Shadowhall deep below Mount Orange. Refuge 08925581017 
Decitina 15, 2558 The Rustoleii recover the body of Astor from The Chamber of Orbs in the dwarven ruins within Mount Orange. Refuge 08925581015 
Decitina 13, 2558 The Rustoleii slay an indigo wyrmling on the slopes of Mount Orange and plunder its lair . Drawn 08925581013 
Decitina 11, 2558 An assassin makes an attempt on Tktk's life. The Rustoleii depart Darkwood. Drawn 08925581011 
Decitina 10, 2558 The Rustoleii arrive in Darkwood. Beckon 08925581010 
Decitina 9, 2558 The Rustoleii defeat a pair of green wyrmlings, but save one of them by healing it. This cures it of its maddness, of which it is very appreciative. Beckon 08925581009 
Decitina 7, 2558 The Rustoleii return to the rendezvous site as they follow Astor's trail and deliver supplies. Beckon 08925581007 
Decitina 6, 2558 The Rustoleii begin following a magical path presumably created by Astor, Kinnickinnick's mother. Beckon 08925581006 
Decitina 5, 2558 The Rustoleii return to the ruins of Foortmaar to collect more supplies. Beckon 08925581005 
Decitina 4, 2558 The Rustoleii arrive at the rendezvous on the saddle to the east of the ruins of Foortmaar. Riven 08925581004 
Decitina 3, 2558 The mythal protecting Foortmaar and the surrounding fields is destroyed, reducing the fortress to ruins. Riven 08925581003 
Decitina 2, 2558 An assassin impersonating Segg attacks Suivatco, revealing the Councilor is Aifos. Espial 08925581002 
Decitina 1, 2558 A green wyrmling finds Rustoleum Tower protruding from Foortmaar's protective mythal, which results in the party slaying the dragon. Espial 08925581001 
Nonotina 21, 2558 The Rustoleii recover a formula for the creation of an Orb of Dragonkind from a dwarven ruins atop Mount Orange. Monumental 08925580921 
Nonotina 20, 2558 Party meets Councilor Sofia. Warped 08925580920 
Nonotina 19, 2558 Party recovers the stolen dwarven orb coffer from ethereal filcher. Warped 08925580919 
Nonotina 18, 2558 Party moves into Rustoleum Tower. Warped 08925580918 
Octotina 17, 2558 Party rescues Lari Arro from rogue animated construct. Miscalculation 08925580817 
Octotina 16, 2558 Party enters Foortmaar. Miscalculation 08925580816 
Octotina 11, 2558 The party continues on their journey to Foortmaar, leaving Darkwood. Hunted 08925580811 
Octotina 7, 2558 Party arrives in Darkwood with Wingra suffering from filth fever contracted from rats encountered in the wilderness. Unhinged 08925580807 
Octotina 5, 2558 The party, led by Rogr Dvim, leave Orange destined for Foortmaar. Unhinged 08925580805 
Octotina 3, 2558 Party passes through the ruins of Upriver and arrives in Orange. White dragon slain by party and guards of Orange. Unhinged 08925580803 
Octotina 2, 2558 Party arrives at farm and dispatches skeletons. Aftermath 08925580802 
Octotina 1, 2558 Kinnickinnic, Patch, Tktk and Wingra join forces. Aftermath 08925580801 
Heptatina 28, 2558 A dragon attacks Rust River Falls.  08925580728 
Heptatina 22, 2558 The 4th Wizards' Cataclysm of Dragons IV.  08925580722 
Pentatina 7, 2556 The young Rustoleii dream they are teenaged heroes. Tour 08925560507 
Propyltina 17, 2533 Aifos arrives from the future and begins building Foortmaar...or does he?  08925330317 
14 Coirë 5269 ATS Patch travels the planes with Lehnbor, encountering various great wyrms in their original realities. This ends with Mornzimatorix, an avatar of Zodyu the Grotesque. Patch Before the Beginning of the World 00252690214 
13 Coirë 5269 ATS Patch is threatened by a demon summoned by Borgose in a jealous rage. Tasked with driving in a particularly sticky pin on a vast ship being build at Grosshafen's docks. Disjointed 00252690213 
12 Coirë 5269 ATS Patch finds himself in Castle Inverness, Festland. Travels to The Tower of Astralness and Etherealness in Grosshafen. Makes contact with Lehnbor Oberon. Schism 00252690212 
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