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I am Tktk, one of those sneaky sorts that tend to be able to get wherever they like. This has led me to see things that I really have not been meant to see. This has caused me to make a decision that has put me on quite a different path from my parents, but this will be explained later.

I am the daughter of two of the best human smiths in the service of Mornzimatorix the Great Indigo Wyrm. My father's name is Ahjer and my mother's name is Shu. I am not the prodigy that some were hoping, but I am gifted in the crafting of traps. I have inherited some of my parents' skills, but I tend to use it to find the best stuff among the pile when I come across piles of stuff.

Now, more about this path I mentioned before. You see, I saw things, really bad things, that made me not want to be part of the Great Wyrm's subjects any longer, so I escaped. In fact, I escaped in such a way that the dragons have no reason to look for me. I fell to my death.

Okay, I did not die, but I did fall a very long way. I was moving with my parents to a new forge away from The Cavern of Ink when I escaped. The mode of transportation was a large basket carried by a dragon. I believe I mentioned earlier I find the best stuff. Well, I found a spring, a dwarven invention, and at some point a grapnel as well. Combined with some rope, I discovered that the spring could break a fall to quite an extent when rappelling. So, while we were flying over this really big forest, I fell out of the basket--after weakening the clasp on the belt holding me in enough for it to break--with my rope contraption. When I finally reached the trees, I hooked a branch with the grapnel and along with the give of the tree branches, the spring gave enough for me to hang on and survive. I hung hidden in the trees until I was sure the dragons were not searching for me. They either did not see me or they assumed I had died in the fall. I made my way out of the trees with the help of my rope contraption and started my new life.

I see bad things description

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