Character Creation

For those of you that are interested, please take a look at AlmebezbikWiki for information about the Almebezbik Campaign Setting, though this campaign is unique in that it is in a time frame not developed before.

Submit a character concept that is as detailed as possible, but without any crunch or metagame information. I'm looking for creative role-players whose characters will have a seminal influence on this world, which has been in development by this DM and the players of its characters for four decades.

Point Buy

Create your characters using the point buy method from page 169 in the 3.5 DMG using 29 points. If created at a higher starting level than 1st-level, do not forget to increase an ability score at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th-level...


The campaign occurs in ancient times. Thus, classes will be limited to the generic classes outlined in Unearthed Arcana (as well as the d20SRD). Classes are thus warrior, expert, arcane spellcaster, and divine spellcaster. The actual label will be at the discretion of the player.


Humans are the preferred race for players in this campaign. However, with a sufficiently impressive background elf, dwarf, gnome, drow or orc (in increasing difficulty of impressiveness) may be accepted. Halflings have not emerged as a race yet, so they will not be accepted.


As implied in the detect alignment spells, it takes a while for an alignment's aura to become anything but faint. For characters created starting at higher levels, i.e. 5th or higher, they should have solidified or nearly solidified alignments and straying from them will have repercussions.

Most deities are relatively lenient with their young divine spellcasters.

So, play the alignment you intend to have your character emulate, but based on their actions the alignment may be somewhat different once they have displayed definite tendencies. Events in the campaign will indicate if your character is on track or straying from the alignment indicated on their sheet.

Starting Funds

Starting 1st-level characters get 75% of max based on their class in Table 7-1 on page 111 in the 3.5 PHB.

Characters created starting at 2nd-level or higher begin with equipment equivalent in gold piece value to their starting level as indicated in Table 5-1 on page 135 in the 3.5 DMG.


The common language at this point in time is Draconic. Humans also speak their own language, which is called Almebezbik. Other races follow their standard language rules.