Cast of Characters (NPCs)

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Ksirb Emitae Former King of the Elves elven vampire Outside Ithl'Quessir a decrepit, cloaked figure 
Jart Inventor Gnome Nienil Ruddy-skinned, dark-haired gnome in smithing outfit. 
Aifos Auravici Octavius Paladin-Sorcerer Half-Elf Karakorum Bald half-elf dressed in gold, brown and black clothes. 
Auraqualorix The Great Gold Wyrm Dragon Yin Cheng A gold dragon of unimaginable size. His alternate form is that of a ancient robed man. 
Droogon Fighter Dwarf Rearing Realm Deceased 
Mzondulft Factotum Dwarf Shadowhall Ancient, wizened dwarf dressed in robes. 
Phillaesis Nassima Psychic Human The saddle rendevous Woman brought back from death's door. 
Medard Alses Fighter Human Foortmaar/The saddle rendezvous A scruffy warrior approaching middle age in scorched chainmail, armed with battle axe and shield. 
Suivatco Sofia (Aifos) Councilor of Foortmaar/Guardian of Dragons Gold Half-Dragon Foortmaar A bald, middle-aged half-elf with golden tan skin, wearing robes in various shades of browns, tans and gold. 
Lari Arro Smith Gnome Foortmaar A short, thin, white-bearded gnome dressed in a scorched apron and clothes riddled with tiny burn holes. 
Terrishaw Perinil Seneschal Silver Dragon Foortmaar Stunningly beautiful, platinum blonde-haired woman adorned in white silks...or huge silver dragon. 
Taesifiril Patrol Captain Elf Taurine Forest Lightly armored, bow wielding leader of the elves that patrol the eastern central reaches of the Taurine Forest between Foortmaar and Darkwood. 
Rogr Dvim Fighter Human Orange Plate armored, greatsword wielding, battle-crazed man. 
Julius Battle Captain of the Guard Human Orange A heavily armored, blonde-haired man with a battleaxe slung over his shoulder. 
Zinia Smith Expert/Smith Human Orange Large woman with long, red, tightly curled hair wearing soot covered leathers and apron. 
Traveling Merchant Commoner/Merchant Human Orange Well-kept middle-aged man wearing fancy clothing and various pieces of jewelry. 
Farmer Commoner/Farmer Human Outlying farm near Upriver Young, but careworn man with sandy brown hair wearing heavy duty clothes and boots. 
Ingrid Baker Expert/Baker Human Rust River Falls (Dwarven Bakery) A plump, fiery woman with dark hair kept in a bun wearing flour covered dress and apron. 
Farmer Boy Child Human From outlying farm near Upriver; In Rust River Falls Nine year old boy with simple cloths and sandy brown hair. 
Skelysis Fighter Elf Rust River Falls This is an adolescent with short, light brown hair usually wearing leathers and wielding a bow. He also wears an elven rapier at his hip. 
Warren Wyrmshield Warrior Human Rust River Falls This is the constable of the thorp. He is a stocky, red-haired fellow covered head to toe in steel armor. 
Showing 21 items