posted Aug 31, 2019, 8:11 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 15, 2559

After spending a couple of days waiting to find out what the elves are going to do, they are escorted back through the city to the hall they once fought the phasms in, but this time the place is intact and there are actually elves in the Quadribunal.

As they enter the central chamber, a familiar figure in the form of a hobgoblin is being led out, trussed and gagged, by several elven guards. He will not acknowledge his name and appears to not recognized The Rustoleii. The guards only mention, if asked, that he is being taken out of the city and being hanged for his crimes.

The four humans are brought before the Quadribunal where they are questioned extensively about their mission and their alleged encounter with Ksirb Emitae. The elves are very concerned about the presence of their vampire king and have no knowledge of Aifos. They do eventually acknowledge that his plan to defeat the great wyrms sounds feasible, but the artifact forge has been abandoned for millennia.

After clearing out the forge, the elves are more than willing to help try and put the great wyrm slaying apparatus together.