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Ethyltina 17, 2559

The audience with Auroqualorix is abruptly ended by an attack on the palace.

Ninja, wu jen, and fighters appear out of the walls, floors, and ceiling, surprising many in attendance.

After the fighting dies down, primarily due to Auroqualorix resuming his dragon form, he points the group to an escape passage under the dais that leads out of the city.

However the group leaves the palace and the city by whatever agreement or not to do the dragon's bidding, they will be confronted by (and overpowered if resistant) a powerful group of mercenaries. They will be brought before the secret Tong Clan and giving a different incentive to follow through on the great gold wyrm's plan.

They offer transport to The Outerland Sea.

On the way to the ship, they encounter Sissyliss. The very young gold dragon attacks, but the group manages to heal him before killing anyone. As an apology, the dragon offers the group the items from his horde.