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Ethyltina 11th, 2559

The Rustoleii continue their search for Auroqualorix.

They leave Misishi at the prompting of a drunken master named Chan.

Chan instructs the group to help any they find on the road he leads them to.

They don't get far before an angered Go-Zu Oni confronts them on the forest road.

Ethyltina 12th, 2559

The group encounters a merchant caravan that has been attacked in the night. Healing, searching, and fixing is in order.

Ethyltina 13th, 2559

Another day they come across an old couple whose cart has tipped over and needs to be righted and reloaded.

Ethyltina 16th, 2559

A few days later, a couple of raggedly dressed men stumble on the road from the forest, seemingly disoriented, lost and the worse for wear. They are not what they seem to be and transform into oni when the group lets its guard down.

At long last, The Rustoleii make it to a vast city hidden in the jungle.

They are queried by the Duifu and asked a number of questions before a TongJun intervenes with quite considerable knowledge of their journey.

The TongJun leads the group to a chamber within a great palace where they meet with the Danwèi zhihui guan and several other high ranking officers. He informs them of some rules of etiquette before leading them into a vast chamber where the impossibly large great gold wyrm Auroqualorix awaits.