posted Mar 19, 2016, 9:13 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 12:05 PM ]

Decitina 3, 2558

As the Rustoleii ponder what has just occurred, a tremor accompanied by a deep, thrumming peal as from an enormous bell assails them. No sooner than they have regained their senses, it happens again. Upon subsiding again, the barrage begins again, but this time the peal abruptly changes to the sound of a massive rending, causing the tremor to extend into a full-fledged earthquake.

Aifos gathers the group together, casts a spell that generates a sphere of protection around them and ushers them out of the palace as it begins to collapse around them. Before exiting the palace, Aifos also raises his former disguise as Suivatco Sofia.

Upon exiting the palace, the group can see that the mythal that was protecting the fortress and the surrounding area has shattered and is falling like great glowing shards of glass upon the fortress and surrounding fields. The shards crash and shatter in clouds of fiery sparks creating small craters in stone and ground alike.

"Suivatco!" a voice booms from the direction of the lake in Draconic. "Feel the wrath and destruction you brought down upon The Archmagi!"

To Tktk, the voice sounds oddly familiar, but she cannot place it in the chaos of the moment.

Looking this direction, the group can see by the light of the five moons a small, dark, bilious cloud hanging over the lake. Dark tendrils recede into this cloud from numerous locations where the mythal once was.

Aifos touches Kinnickinnic's shoulder, transferring the ward to him, and exits its protection. He vanishes with a flash and reappears over the lake, beginning a magical duel with the entity in the cloud.

"Make for the saddle between the mountains," says Terrishaw as she also exits the sphere, transforms into a huge silver dragon and takes flight.