posted Jul 7, 2019, 7:18 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 9, 2559

After The Rustoleii have unloaded their belongings from the boat, Skelysis suggests a campsite nearby. He then departs back into the swamp, quickly disappearing among the vegetation and fog. The group finds the campsite and settles in, safe for as long as they wish to stay.

Once they continue their journey toward Ithl'Quessir, they happen across the site of an ancient battle strewn with the wreckage of rotting siege engines and graves marked by disintegrating helmets on rusted weapons thrust into the ground. Ghosts still fighting the pitched battle emerge from the graves and attack. After the harrowing battle, it is imperative that the group travel beyond the battlefield. Should this battle go horribly bad for The Rustoleii, a mysterious benefactor will see them back to their original campsite.

Finding a safe campsite on the open plains between the battlefield and the city is challenging. The group needs to rest before they can travel too much farther, so they set up camp with as much cover as they can manage. Unable to conceal their camp sufficiently, a group of cyclopses finds it during the night. They occupy the area harassing the camp until slain or driven off. If slain, the group will be safe to complete their rest, though it will be stressful due to not knowing if something else will wander into the campsite.

When the group finally gets underway again, the travel until they enter an orderly grove of ancient maple trees. They are hailed from behind just as the enter the woods by a cloaked figure. They may recognize this creature from a previous encounter outside The Everfloat the last time they approached Ithl'Quessir. The being will not remember the adventurers and claims to have never met them before. It will take offense to any rudeness and is very sensitive it, clearly agitated by its surroundings. It will reluctantly enter the woods with the group if it finds any advantage in doing so.

Following the encounter with the elven vampire and depending on the outcome, a patrol of Ithl'Quessir elves will happen upon its aftermath to find the group or hail them if continuing on their way to the city. The elves are very concerned about the group's presence within The Everfloat, especially so close to Ithl'Quessir. They will be abrupt and aloof unless and until they have proof that the group just encountered an elven vampire.

One way or another, they get escorted to Ithl'Quessir to continue their mission for Aifos.