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Butyltina 28, 2559

The Rustoleii have likely affected another change to reality by a mischievous intention or at least a discussion of it.

They also discover during their conversation with the Baelnorn, that Mithr was built over by Auroqualorix's followers to establish Yin Cheng. If they wish to acquire the plans for the artifact, they need to travel across the continent once again.

The prospect of traveling back across the continent to Yin Cheng leads to finding an alternative. Teleportation becomes an alternative mode of transportation. Kinnickinnic learns the teleport circle spell along with the rune for the Baelnorn's circle. He also finds references to seven Mithr circles of which four may still be in existence. Tktk also does some research regarding runes throughout Almebezbik. She finds three referenced in draconic, dwarven and gnomish documents. One is in Shadowhall, one in the Arcaneum of The Rearing Realm and one in either Bel'Quessir or Taur'Quessir.

After several days of research, the group decides to attempt to teleport to one of the circles of Mithr. Kinnickinnic casts the spells and steps through the portal to have a quick look around. Its destination is a dark room, so he has the others follow. The room surrounding the portal has one exit which they follow. It leads to a cavern. The cavern has a huge gray ooze lurking within. They dispatch it and move on.

They leave this cavern through the more natural of its exits where they shortly encounter an ulitharid with a pair of grimlocks. Patch and Kinnickinnic manage to defeat the super mind flayer before it can get to a stunned Tktk or Wingra. This passage leads to an underground lake where an aboleth accosts the adventures. They kill the monster, but not before Patch contracts a disease that causes his skin to become translucent and slimy.

Not wanting to risk another of those creatures attacking while they rest with Patch in the water, Wingra uses the rod of security to fashion a resting place with a lake to safely allow them to rest. She then cures Patch's ailment.