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Butyltina 4, 2559

The Rustoleii take to the Rust River beyond the falls on Skelisis' keelboat returning to Ithil'Quessir. The first several days are stressful but uneventful as the going is relatively slow and they are waiting for a dragon to fly over. They see several dragons, but at great distances to the west and south.

They travel east for the first day, anchoring on the far southern end of what the elves call Raven Lake. While the group is camping on the shore, a raiding party of sahuagin tries to make off with the supplies stored on the keelboat. There are also several sharks along the shore poised to attack any of the group that enters the water.

The next couple of days are traveling south up the Raven River, having the donkeys pull the keelboat against the current.

Where the Raven River becomes a tributary of the Morre River, they dock just outside the walled city of Hinterburg. The walled city is a crowded and bustling place with resources that the characters have never encountered before. Wingra does recall hearing of it as it is one of the places Rust River Falls bread is shipped to. Only Tktk has encountered so many people in such close proximity and this was New York City. Sleight of hand may be hard for Tktk to control. This is a good place to unload a lot of the stuff accumulated on Bob and possibly someplace to find a desired magic item.

The characters look at the surrounding landscape and realize this is the city they flew over (though now not as big) when they lost Aifos.

During the first evening in the city, they manage to sell off the especially worthwhile clothing and jewelry they have accumulated through their journeys, while also acquiring another haversack that the proprietor did not realize was magical. Also, a smith buys the suit of magical chainmail they have been carrying around as well. The magical weapons are beyond the resources of the smith, but he suggests finding a buyer among the nobles, priests, and factions of the city.

Of course, all of this bargaining and accumulation of coin has gotten the attention of both competing thieves' guilds in the city. They team up against The Rustoleii. However, Kinnickinnic's bravado is not unfounded and they make quick work of the thieves, one member of each guilds' representation escaping with their lives. This probably will not be the last they hear of them.