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Propyltina 5, 2559

The Rustoleii arrive in the elven city of Nienil.

They ask around if Skelysis has been here but find no one knows of an elf of this name or if they have heard of one, they have been in the city for decades if not centuries.

The possibilities of navigating up the river seem unlikely by any means the elves have. There is a road that follows the river for a short distance north, but the elves avoid going too far north as the area is the location of their former capital prior to their fall millennia ago.

The investigate the northern end of the city, finding horse-drawn barges along the eastern bank. These haul cargo up a few miles to another town. 

They do find another boat on the western bank that is unusual. It resembles an elongated barrel with three arms with fan-like ends protruding from on side. The four humans teleport across the river to investigate, leaving Yahara to fly across and their other donkey, dubbed Peshtigo, behind for the time being.

The board the boat to find a gnome named Jart, working on a mechanism within the boat that controls the arms. After Tktk has an enthusiastic conversation with the gnome, they find that the liquid, weightless steelisin the got from Foortmaar is what the gnome needs an ounce of to get his machine running.  He claims that the boat will be able to navigate the river up or downstream and offers to ferry the group anywhere in exchange for a bit of their steelisin.

After applying the steelisin like a lubricant to the mechanism, it begins functioning as expected. The main component is another item crafted of steelisin that acts as a perpetual motion flywheel that drives the arms to paddle the boat.

They launch the boat into the river and get the paddles running much to the surprise of the elves observing from the nearby banks.

They travel upstream for several days encountering nothing until they arrive at the fork in the river where they need to turn west. Traveling much faster downstream, they pass under a natural bridge a couple of days later, Jart indicating this is where the ancient elven capital was. The next day they discorporate a greater water elemental that tries to capsize the boat. After several more days and a couple of direction changes, the boat finally comes to the edge of the great forest, but not before a colossal, monstrous spider blocks their way. They adventures soundly defeat it, but not before Tktk is gravely wounded. She survives and the disembark with thanks to Jart on the plains just northeast of The Everfloat.