posted Jun 1, 2019, 7:01 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 7, 2559

The Rustoleii reload Skelysis' boat and set out into the swamps to the east of Hinterburg as the return to Ithl'Quessir. They travel most of a day before the enter the swamp at which point travel becomes a tedious exercise in navigation. Skelysis is a master of dealing with the swamps treacherous areas but does not have an answer for the weather. A terrifying thunderstorm with extreme winds overtakes the boat late in the day. The storm is so violent that the boat is tossed about and causes its passengers to be flung into the swamp. Everyone loses sight of Skelysis, his craft, their beasts of burden, and each other as well.

Once The Rustoleii have gotten back in touch with one another, a pair of young black dragons swoop in. They are hunting the donkeys and will quickly kill them unless distracted. The dragons may continue to focus on the beasts if the response from the characters isn't threatening. The dragons are arrogant and will not think of fleeing.

After the young dragons have been dealt with, Skelysis finally returns with the boat. He indicates that all are in danger, as the storm pushed them all into the area an adult black dragon claims. This dragon will investigate as they travel, trying to leave its demesne. It will eventually attack, realizing its offspring have been killed.

Upon surviving the dragon, Skelysis finds safer, quicker paths through the swamp and joins The Everfloat. He navigates the fast river and docks in a hidden alcove along the banks of Ithl'Quessir's land. However, taking a long rest before leaving the swamp will attract three trolls that will interrupt before the rest completes.