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Pentatina 14, 2559

The Rustoleii return to Ithl'Quessir to find it mostly the way they left it. The rubble at the site of the explosion has been cleared away and rebuilding has begun. They secure their treasures with the help of the elves and gnomes.

The following day, the group is summoned by the council and requested to meet with a mysterious cloaked figure who requested the group by name at the edge of the mythal. This mysterious figure is Ksirb Emitae, but he is not here to fight the characters. He is here to warn Ithl'Quessir of an impending attack on the mythal surrounding the city. He requests the characters to occupy Gruulamesh while he contends with Aifos.

Over the course of several days, the indigo half-dragon can be seen flying high above the city, occasionally casting spells at various points on the mythal to test for any weaknesses. From the city's point of view, no weaknesses are revealed by these tests. As Aifos prods, Ksirb Emitae secretly observes the quasi-deity for any weaknesses of his own.

On the fifth day, an army of undead rises up out of Morre Swamp on the western banks of The Everfloat. The army of skeletons and zombies carry additional corpses with them and begin piling them into the river as a means of bridging it. As the river is fouled by the rotting flesh as the bridge slowly spans it, Gruulamesh appears seeking his own conference with The Rustoleii.

Of course, the lich found the group's departure exceptionally rude, but he is willing to forgive them for the slight if they quit the elves and return to Foortmaar. He would hate to see the grand elven capital destroyed due to the actions of a few human adventurers. Should The Rustoleii initially disagree to return to Foortmaar, the lich will demonstrate his ability to damage the mythal as he did with Aifos' that lay over Foortmaar.

As Aifos perpetrates his own assault on the mythal, Ksirb Emitae makes his own quasi-deific presence felt and then engages Aifos in combat.

The Rustoleii have only a few moments to act, allowing the destruction of Ithl'Quessir or dismissing Gruulamesh back to his phylactery and saving the elvish city.

The Rustoleii meet with Ksirb Emitae and receive the warning to be delivered to the Council. The elven vampire also left behind a fingernail to be used to scry him as an offer of proof of the imminent invasion. The elves know better than to try and scry their former king as it would allow him to enter the mythal. Ksirb Emitae's proof is not necessary as Aifos appears in the sky above Ithl'Quessir to test its mythal.

The Rustoleii decide to meet the invading army well before they make it to The Everfloat. They mount griffons supplied to them by the elves and fly west until they reach the plains between Mount Orange and Morre Swamp. Kinnickinnic uses his wand of invisibility to turn the riders invisible as they glide high overhead. They spot a column of undead marching across the plains and circle around behind them at a distance so Gruulamesh will only notice griffons flying by and not be concerned.

The group swoops in from behind with Tktk in the lead and Patch following close behind. With one of Tktk's customary acrobatic feats, she leaps from her mount and times an attack on the lich without giving away her location or identity for that matter. Patch nearly as gracefully, but more directly lands from his leap behind the lich as well and delivers a devastating flurry of blows from his Hammer of Thunderbolts. Between Tktk's sneak attack and Patch's prowess, the lich is reduced to dust in mere seconds.

Before the dust has a chance to drift, Wingra closes in with Kinnickinnic who erects a wall of force between the marching skeletons and zombies and his companions. Wingra follows up with a bless spell to aid the attack.

After a barrage of firestorms, flame strikes, fireballs, gunfire and hammer blows, the company of undead is also reduced to scattering dust. The group recovers Gruulamesh's belongs which include the robes and staff identical to those which Kinnickinnic already possess, they also find an amulet of the planes and a professor orb in the shape of a carved crystal skull.

The victors mount their griffons and return to Ithl'Quessir. As they approach, they notice the low mountain what once stood to the northwest of The Everfloat has been reduced to a vast field of rubble twice the area of the original mountain. The Rustoleii inform the Council of their success and the Council informs them that Ksirb Emitae and Aifos destroyed the mountain in their conflict and have not been seen since. However, it is only a matter of time before they return, each being a lich, death knight and vampire, respectively.