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Butyltina 1, 2559

The Rustoleii approach Rust River Falls. They notice that it has none of the improvements or the palisade added by Aifos' beneficence, but also none of the destruction from the dragon's attack after the cataclysm. Also, they are called to a halt outside the hamlet's boundaries by four guards outfitted in indigo scale mail and shields with Mornzimatorix' sigil embossed on them. They are armed with morningstars and have crossbows slung over their backs. They demand to see travel papers and ask what their business is in Rust River Falls.

None of them recognize any of these guards. When papers cannot be produced, the guards move to arrest them; calling reinforcements as they approach. None of the guards recognize Kinnickinnic, Patch or Wingra as having grown up in or near the Falls, so they ignore any claims they have. The ruckus attracts the attention of the townsfolk, which include Wingra's and Kinnickinnic's parents as well as the wise woman Ingrid Baker.

This initial encounter can go one of several ways:

  • The Rustoleii or their parents convince the guards they belong in Rust River Falls and conversations can go on from there ✔︎
  • The Rustoleii don't convince the guards they belong in Rust River Falls but don't resist arrest
    • They will be held in Warren Wyrmshield's house until Hester Indigoblood arrives from The Cavern of Ink to sort out the situation
  • The Rustoleii initiate hostilities and they defeat the guards of Rust River Falls and gain the enmity of Warren Wyrmshield who will dispatch Hester Indigoblood to hunt them down
    • This will place a bounty on their heads and they will need to find sanctuary somewhere

Mention of any Archmage will be met with consternation at best and arrest or attack at worst. Escaping will have Hester Indigoblood and Ibzilizix hunting them.

The Kinnickinnic, Patch, and Wingra reunite with their parents and are recognized as citizens. Since the other three are verified citizens of Mornzimatorix' realm, they can vouch for Tktk and she is accepted as well, though she will eventually need to return to the Cavern of Ink to obtain her traveling papers.

The group retires to the bakery with their parents to relax and converse until Patch's parents need to return to the farm before night. Astor and Brady invite the group to stay overnight at their house. Upon entering the house, Kinnickinnic's parents usher them through a secret down and down into the secret library and laboratory. Here the discuss the discrepancies between the group's original and current timeline.

  • Aifos is completely unknown and seems to have had no influence on this timeline
  • The Wizard's Cataclysm occurred, but only claimed most of the Archmagi's lives during the retaliation by the Great Wyrms for their attempted assassinations
  • Foortmaar exists
  • Mount Orange did not lose its summit
  • The younger dragons did not go insane and attack

The group decides to return to Ithl'Quessir to deliver the items as they have attempted before.

The following morning they seek out Skelisis. They find him returning to his cabin with a deer over his shoulder taken during a hunt. Understanding that the group wishes to go to Ithl'Quessir, he offers to take them on his raft. Leaving Rust River Falls becomes seemingly urgent as an indigo dragon carrying a rider arrives over the thorp. They take a concealing route down to the river and board the raft and begin the trek to return to the ancient elven city as the dragon lands on the other side of the settlement.