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Dodecitina 17, 2559

The Rustoleii now know that the crystal orb they need to craft the Orb of Indigo Dragonkind is kept in a vault by The Orbmaster. The next thing is to find out where this vault is and how to get into it without raising any suspicions. Any sort of brute force option is quickly removed as The Orbmaster himself can probably obliterate the group singlehandedly and he is never alone.

Locating the vault needs to be done first in any case. Scouting around The Orbmaster's Tower is a risky option for anyone but Tktk or possibly Kinnickinnic's familiar Ebenezer. The Archives has the blueprints of The Orbmaster's Tower, though the group will need to be lucky to find them. Having them, though, will show them where the vault is and also possibly how to enter secretly. However, The Orbmaster is a very powerful wizard and there are certain to be magical traps and barriers only passable through cleverness and magic. The secrets to bypassing the security of the vault are also hidden within The Archives and again luck will be needed to find this information as well. Or maybe persuasion and deception as researchers for The Orbmaster are always in The Archives pouring through tomes and other documents. They may be aware of some of the answers the group seeks are at least where to look for them.

Provided The Rustoleii find sufficient, reliable information, they should be able to enter the vault and retrieve the crystal orb. It will be dangerous and suspenseful, but it is possible.

Dodecitina 24, 2559

Spending a week in the archives and consulting with Mzondulft and a couple of unsuspecting Orbmaster apprentices, The Rustoleii are armed with enough information that they think they can pull of a heist of the Orbmaster's vault.

With a bit of magic, a bit of stealth, and some luck, The Rustoleii manage to enter a secret passageway in the Orbmaster's stronghold they discovered during their research.

They encounter traps, which they are able to disarm using a couple of the ciphers they discovered in the archives.

They also encounter incorporeal undead at a couple of different points, expectedly thanks to their research. Wingra's divine gifts neutralize them effectively.

After defeating a bound pit fiend, the group retreats into their rod of security to recover from the battles they have had thus far.

The final trap before they arrive at the vault is better hidden than the previous one and the group misses the clues to disarm it before it goes off. They still manage to avoid the ten-foot-wide steel ball and block the mechanism before it fully resets.

The final obstacle before finding the vault is a bound balor. The damage it does is primarily due to its death throes as it is defeated. Piles of treasure are found in the small chamber and the group takes another short rest before continuing.

A staircase leads to the final one hundred feet of hallway leading to a large, round, metal door. The door is surrounded by dwarven runes, runes collected in the archives that haven't appeared until now. From the research in the archives, Kinnickinnic believes he has the correct combination to open the door. However, this was a false lead and the group is blasted with lightning. Wingra is knocked unconscious by the blast. Quick thinking and action by Tktk, prevents Wingra from dying. After Wingra provides a round of healing to everyone, they assess the situation and try to determine runes necessary to open the door.

Tktk has a though and retrieves one of the Orbs of Dragonkind from her haversack. She looks through the orb at the door and sees four runes glowing this way, only one of them in common with the ones Kinnickinnic had tried earlier. She repeats the same inspection with the other orbs the group possesses and sees the same with each. Just in case, everyone backs up to the top of the stairs that lead from the balor's chamber, while Tktk tries the new combination. It works and the seal on the door is broken.

After dispelling the magical darkness within the vault, it is revealed that the fault is a miniature replica of the orb chamber at the top of Mount Orange. A pedestal sits in the center of the chamber is the crystal orb they have been looking to acquire. Nothing they try will allow them to take the orb. However, after some further investigation, Kinnickinnic determines some rune carved in a circle at the top of the chamber is a formula for a teleportation circle. Gathered into the vault, Kinnickinnic casts his spell using this formula.

The vault slams shut despite Tktk's efforts to prevent this and there is a great flash of light. The next thing they know, they are nothing but stars floating in a sea of stars. Apparently, time has shifted again.