posted Sep 21, 2019, 8:06 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 16, 2559

Having lighted the forge beneath Ithl'Quessir, the Rustoleii, now seek to begin the crafting of the new artifact that will be used to end the draconic rule of Almebezbik. This process begins with the group searching the forge. They find two particularly interesting books. One being the Yacura Osta Tel'Quessir or the book of artifacts used to defeat the dragons cycles ago. The other is a gnomish book similar, if not identical, to the one held by Gammi in his shop. Tktk tests out the formula to make steelisin resist gravity and it succeeds. While she is doing this Kinnickinnic figures out that the plans for the harness they need to construct to hold the orbs of Dragonkind are in Mith'Quessir.

The group concludes they need to talk to the Quadrinary again to find out where this Mith'Quessir is. As they leave the forge to return to the city above, they discover that all the remaining steelisin that was on the giant ball, as well as the dust, is gone. They surmise the gnome has taken it and begin to craft it into other things. As they emerge from the tunnel into the city a great explosion rocks the city. As gnomes are known for their "curse," they make their way to Gammi's shop and find instead a crater. The shop and all the buildings immediately surrounding it have been obliterated. The buildings next to this crater have been badly damaged and many injured elves and gnomes need rescuing. After the group meets the Quadrinary approaching the disaster, they request an audience with the Baelnorn. Until the audience, the group assists with the care of the injured and the cleanup.

After several days, they get to see the Baelnorn. They approach the eight shrouded figures on their thrones and introduce themselves. During the conversation, the discover that Mithr may still contain the information they need even though it was destroyed thousands of years ago. They also discover that one, and only one, of the Baelnorn, knows of Aifos. In a lengthy discussion regarding Aifos' plans and existence, it is determined that Aifos' death during the crash of the dragon they rode upon away from Ithl'Quessir the first time was a time-ripping event that has altered reality. The Rustoleii then determine to manage to survive long enough to right the wrong in the future. Developing several contingencies, they believe that time can be mended and their original course will continue with Aifos for better or worse.