posted Jan 25, 2020, 7:07 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Feb 9, 2020, 9:09 AM ]

Pentatina 12, 2559

An unwelcome, but familiar chill washes over The Rustoleii as they arrive back in the surviving section of the archives, but it is not the demilich returned. Instead, the desiccated figure of Gruulamesh, draped in robes identical to those worn by Kinnickinnic, stands before a shimmering oval portal hanging in the air behind him. He leans on a staff identical to that which Kinnickinnic just recovered from the purple worm's gullet. He bows, the pin-points of eery red light emanating from his empty eye sockets scanning, as the group wearily approaches him.

"Welcome, my lost little ones," the lich says. "I had hoped you survived the mishap with my teleportation circle. Your actions that day were impressive for ones of your age."

The conversation proceeds as it will from this point. The lich attempts to persuade the group to return to Foortmaar with him, so he can guide your artifact crafting activities going forward. He is extremely patient and conciliatory despite the reactions of the members of the group, adverse or otherwise. Violence will be met with warding magic, such as a globe of invulnerability or its kin. Barriers and counterspells will thwart attempts to escape until all the resources of both the lich and The Rustoleii are expended.

Gruulamesh's patience will hold regardless, but when all avenues of civility are exhausted, he requests someone beyond the portal to join them. Exiting the portal is the fallen, and corrupted figure of Aifos as an undead half indigo dragon wearing a black version of his usual white robes with a greatsword slung over his back, instead of his customary half gold dragon self. He is not the patient sort but will reign in his desire to destroy those who would slight him at the behest of Gruulamesh.

This instance of Aifos is not the guardian of dragons. He is, in fact, all about the extinction of dragons. He will explain what happened in a lament if asked what happened. Any sarcasm or belittling will be met with unpleasantness. He will snarl or perhaps draw the sword he carries as minimal threats. Causing the sword to burst into flame would be the next level of threat. Testing his restraint further is not a wise thing to do. Any of his violent reactions, however minor, are likely to kill.

The Rustoleii accept Gruulamesh's invitation to return to Foortmaar where they did meet the indigo version of Aifos. They take advantage of the castle's facilities, recruit Lari Arro and then Kinnickinnic casts teleportation circle to return everyone and their accumulated treasures back to Ithl'Quessir. The teleport is done from the top of the tower granted to them where Foortmaar's mythal doesn't extend, so they make a clean getaway.