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Propyltina 16, 2559

The Rustoleii depart the gnomish paddle boat and head southwest across the lowlands leading into The Hinterlands.

As they travel, they sense a dread presence and the scent of death. The presence dogs them for much of the trip to the Everfloat. However, as they approach the great river, the entity reveals themselves as a decrepit, cloaked figure.

The creature tests the adventurers resolve and then mysteriously departs as a cloud of moths.

They manage to cross the Everfloat into the realm of the elves using magic to fly across.

As they trek across the wilderness toward Ithl'Quessir, they come across a hanged man who appears to be barely alive. They cut him down to discover he is a hobgoblin. They question him extensively and Aifos even casts truth binding on him when he seems to be evasive.  He is really just confused. He eludes to knowing a great deal about Ithl'Quessir, but cannot elaborate, casting further suspicion on him.

In the end, they give the goblinoid the benefit of the doubt and allow him to join the group considering that when he has recovered from the trauma of being hanged, he may be useful.

Approaching the gates of the ruins, the group is spotted by hill giants. The group dispatches them quickly and make to enter the ancient elven city.