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Propyltina 1, 2559

The Rustoleii have taken a junk from the port of Yin Cheng to the barbarian capital city of Karakorum on the arid plains between the Shou Lung forest and the Outerland Sea.

As they dock and disembark, blue and brass dragons, which had been ringing the walls of the city, lift off into the sky and fly off, blue dragons to the west and brass dragons to the east.

They encounter Droogon again on the docks, who they chase down when he starts running away. After Kinnickinnic trips him up with a mage hand spell, he is evasive when questioned, but he slips away when Yahara also recognizes an earlier incarnation of Aifos and a mob forms in the chaos that ensues when the dragons suddenly leave.

After cajoling and being diplomatic with the mob, they convince them to disperse. Yahara in the meantime has corralled Aifos and they begin a conversation with him.

After updating Aifos on what the world is like, the group decides to search for Droogon to find out what he is actually up to. They find out he has been advising the Khan and they go to the fortress to find him.

They find that the dragons were sent away based on Droogon's influence and the text of a prophecy. During the audience, it comes to light that Droogon has been maneuvering to destroy Aifos and collect the Blue and Brass Orbs of Dragonkind.

Droogon turns on the Khan and a battle ensues. After many Mongol warriors go down to his axe, the Rustoleii with assistance from Aifos, kill the dwarf.

In gratitude for saving his life, the Khan fulfills the prophecy and gives the group the orbs of dragonkind.