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Dodecitina 15, 2559

The Rustoleii rest after collecting Aifos' belongings and then mount their Griffins and continue on to Mount Orange. While they are flying toward the mountain, a pair of young black dragons spot them from several miles away and start to pursue them. They engage as they swoop in.

In the aftermath of the battle with the black dragons, an indigo-colored pseudodragon appears in their midst. He speaks with a clear if nasally voice in Draconic to the party. This is Mourneye, Hester Indigoblood's familiar. The voice is that of Hester. He has been looking for the group for a while and wishes to meet them in person.

Depending on the exchange during this conversation, Hester will approach the characters on the peak of Mount Orange in a manner befitting the result.

He is aware of the group's involvement in Gruulamesh's latest defeat, so he is quite cautious. He will be prepared for any eventually, but really just wants them brought before Mornizmatorix, willing or not.

Hester will not let Ibzilizix or himself be killed in his attempt to capture the group if things get violent, so he will retreat if things don't go his way.

The Rustoleii have a civil conversation with Hester before entering the tiny hut for the night. The next day they fly their griffons to the peak of Mount Orange and begin searching for the door into Shadowhall.

They find the door as the sun begins to set and after a while, Tktk manages to open the door. They make their way into the uppermost levels of Shadowhall and first find the formula for crafting the indigo orb of dragonkind. The follow the previously collapsed spiral staircase to the orb chamber, avoiding a couple of traps along the way.

They arrive in the orb chamber to find it as they did the last time, less the body of Kinnickinnic's mother. They search it again, but this time find a tablet hidden under a pile of chains. This tablet is the secret part of the formula for activating the orbs, the piece the original research at Foortmaar was missing. Tired after a long day of flying and searching, the tiny hut is set up again for a rest.

During this rest, a contingent of dwarves find the magical hut after responding to an alarm when the second trap was triggered. Wingra greets them and after a conversation during which each member of the group, in turn, exits the hut, they are escorted to Shadowhall and brought before The Orbmaster. The dwarves are dumbfounded by the humans that seem to know a great deal about Shadowhall even though humans have never been here before. Mzondulft enters The Orbmaster's chamber looking for the humans and is immediately greeted by The Rustoleii as if they were good friends. He has no recollection of them and still has the wall to show them in The Archives.

The Rustoleii are taken to the wall with the leave of The Orbmaster and receive a message from Terrishaw about the dangers of Aifos and that they must succeed where he has failed repeatedly. They are also told to find the orb they seek, presumably the eleventh orb, with which to craft the Orb of Indigo Dragonkind. Mzondulft informs the group that The Orbmaster and his predecessors have kept this eleventh orb locked deep in his vault for millennia. He is unlikely to relinquish it to the group as mentioning it will raise his ire and likely provoke a violent reaction.