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Nonotina 23, 42

The group is preparing to leave Ithl'Quessir and discussing which way to go. As they come to the decision to head back to Mount Orange, Aifos wonders where Hobbs went. During the search for Hobbs, Kinnickinnic notices a great army of goblinoids crossing the Everfloat and heading towards the ruins. As attention begins to turn towards the approaching army, the shield guardian under Hobbs' control attacks the one controlled by Aifos. A wall of fire erupts between the dragon and Tktk, who had already mounted it, and the rest of the group. This reveals Hobbs and his betrayal. Realizing the goblinoid army is not yet a threat, the group concentrated on eliminating Hobbs, especially Kinnickinnic with a lightning bolt and then the dragon with its breath weapon. Tktk dramatically recovers the shield guardian's amulet from Hobbs and rides the dragon to deliver the amulet to Kinnickinnic before flying towards the goblinoid army.

The dragon quickly approaches the army and when close enough, Kinnickinnic begins slinging spells. First a fireball and then cloud kill, to instantly decimate the army. Along with the dragon's poisonous breath weapon, Tktk's poisonous smoke bombs and another fireball from Kinnickinnic, the goblins scatter never to be a threat at all.

Nonotina 24, 42

The next morning, the shield guardians are instructed to pursue the amulets, Bob is relieved of his burden and released, and Yahara takes off ahead of the dragon. The dragon is loaded and mounted. It takes off in the direction of Mount Orange. More than halfway to the mountain, the dragon passes above a large walled city. The city, alarmed by the flyby of a dragon, launches ballista bolts at it. Most miss, but on directly strikes the dragon, ripping a large hole through it. This causes the dragon to violently contort as its wings beat. This causes Aifos to be thrown clear and Patch slides off. Tktk, having previously secured her grapple and rope to the dragon and tied it around her waist, leaps off the dragon and tries to grab Patch. Both Tktk and Patch try to hang on but only collide with each other. They try again while still close enough and this time get hold of each other. This causes the dragon to be pulled around, jerking the rope and causing Patch and Tktk to be separated again. Wingra having previously blessed the group now casts a fly spell and begins looking for Aifos. She leaves the dragon and flies back down toward the city searching for Aifos and finally spots him quickly approaching the trees. In the meantime, Patch begins preparing to try and break his fall among the trees of the forest he is quickly approaching. Tktk, however, grabs his foot again. Back to Wingra streaking through the sky after Aifos manages to grab his robe just as he reaches the top of the trees, but it rips in her hand and he disappears through the canopy. Moments later, the dragon and the rest of The Rustoleii reach the canopy of the forest.

Then everything fades to black...