posted Apr 10, 2016, 7:34 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Jul 8, 2019, 4:12 PM ]

Decitina 5, 2558

It has been a very long and very stressful couple of days. Emotions are high, but exhaustion sets in on the Rustoleii. 

Kinnickinnic finds after expending every last bit of magical reserves that he cannot stay awake any longer and struggles to unpack his bedding from the mule before finally covering up on the cave floor falling into a deep if troubled sleep.

Patch, having been the first to find a spot to lay down, fights with his emotions for a while and eventually finds sleep.

Tktk, momentarily searching the deeper recesses of the cave, suddenly realizes how exhausted and sore she is. Already hidden the shadows, her curiosity gives way to sleep and she curls up in her cloak on the cave floor.

Wingra, with her last ounces of magical and care-giving energies spent, finally cannot fight off the urge to sleep. She makes one last check on those in most need to see that they will at least make it through the night and then finds a central location to lie down and drifts off to sleep.

The cave becomes quite except for the occasional snore or turn. A few of the warriors rotate watches at the mouth of the cave to assure no interruptions disturb the others.