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Octotina 1, 2558

Introduction to The Rise of The Archmagi - First Session

Not a week after a terrifying and--according to the local wise woman--supernatural storm swept across the area, a dragon of Mornzimatorix' court has attacked the thorp of Rust River Falls. This attack has left the aforementioned wise woman and Brady, a local wizard and father of Kinnickinnic, dead. Fortunately, the lone elf resident of the thorp, Skelysis managed to blind the dragon and drive it away before more died.

After a taxing night of fire-fighting and bandaging up the injured, it seems that Wingra--an apprentice to their late wise woman and assistant to Ingrid Baker, baker of the finest bread in The Hinterlands--is now tasked with finding a new mentor and healer for the thorp. She is also saddled with seeing to the last rites and burial of the deceased as the only one left in the thorp with a divine connection to The Trio that can lay the dead to rest safely and properly.

Despite the loss of his father, Kinnickinnic--a capable magic-user in his own right--finds himself impelled to assist Wingra in any way he can. Hopefully, by Brady finding peace his mother Astor will as well with Wingra's help.

Patch, the son of a local farmer, is not content to follow in his father's footsteps. Hearing that Wingra is embarking on an adventure (he is in the thorp having brought his dead mother to be part of the death rites Wingra was performing), he decides to follow. 

Not far away, Tktk is approaching the still billowing plumes of smoke she noticed early in the morning. Could it be that her fears of dragons turning on the humans have finally come to pass?