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Table of Contents

  1. Aftermath
  2. Unhinged
  3. Hunted
  4. Miscalculation
  5. Warped
  6. Monumental
  7. Espial
  8. Riven
  9. Beckon
  10. Drawn
  11. Refuge
  12. Missive
  13. Spelunk
  14. Fossick
  15. Schism
  16. Disjointed
  17. Transmorgify
  18. Seeking
  19. Treachery
  20. Covetousness
  21. Paddle
  22. Crossing
  23. Ingress
  24. Betrayal
  25. Tour
  26. Homecoming
  27. Peregrination
  28. Business
  29. Maelstrom
  30. Revisit
  31. Trial
  32. Empiric
  33. Return
  34. Tuition
  35. Extraction
  36. Disgust
  37. Incursion
  38. Recovery
  39. Capture
  40. Heist
  41. Again
  42. Furtherance


posted Aug 31, 2020, 7:13 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Aug 31, 2020, 7:17 PM ]

Methyltina 5, 2560

The day following their arrival back in Matinia's Delve, the dwarven knight that fought by their side while fighting the dragon visits The Rustoleii at their rooms in the in. He thanks them again for their help and informs them that, after speaking with the Field Marshal, they will be granted an audience with King Froljnar VIII, who would like to reward them for their service to The Rearing Realm. They are to expect a herald to deliver the invitation within the next day or so.

The invitation for an audience in four days arrives the next day, but in the meantime, the group decides to follow the knight's advice and take advantage of the vast city's resources to resupply and sell some of the extra items they have picked up along their journey. The group sells off Wingra's old armor and shield and Patch's extra belt of giant strength while Tktk acquires a new, more powerful rapier.

As Wingra's new armor is made of steelisin and Tktk is aware there are alchemical treatments to improve it, Tktk begins searching for a steelisin alchemist within Matinia's Delve, hoping it is big enough to have such a person. She catches a hint that there is one of the alchemists near the caravan staging areas they are aware of from their first visit to Matinia's Delve.

While making their way to the alchemist, they run into a couple of the caravaneers that they traveled with through The Underdark from Shadowhall and say hello. They have been back and forth between the cities a couple of times in the last year and are glad The Rustoleii helped them clear some passages that now make it easier for them to travel between the cities.

Down a dark alley, The Rustoleii finds the ancient gnome alchemist the seek. He is very impressed that a group of humans has sought him out and that they know about steelisin and the alchemical requirements to work with it. He is equally impressed with Wingra's full suit of steelisin chainmail. After a discussion at how to make it less clumsy and quieter, the gnome suggests an oil that will give the metal the properties of mithral. This will eliminate the weight that makes it so hard to be stealthy in such a suit of armor. They purchase a flask of this oil, and all they need to do is to apply the oil to the armor just like any routine care for it. Tktk's interest in steelisin and her already extensive knowledge prompts the gnome to show her his alchemical formulas for modifying steelisin. Oddly enough, Tktk already has all the formulae he has.

The day finally arrives that The Rustoleii gets their audience with the dwarven king. The herald and the knight escort the group to the vast marble palace. They are led into the enormous audience chamber where dozens of dwarves mingle before a dais with a throne set atop of it. On the throne is an armored dwarf with a magnificent plaited, red beard. He is flanked by advisors, all of which acknowledge the heralds' announcement of the human's arrival. The king thanks them for their slaying of the red dragon that had gotten loose in the Arcaneum. The discussion turns to questions about where the humans are from. Tktk indicates she was born in The Cavern of Ink, which piques the interest of the entire court. The conversion then leads to questions about dragons and how many the group has slain. The king, being impressed with their prowess, requests that the continue to slay dragons and provides them with a magical fortress that can transport in one of their pockets that will protect them when they need solace from the fighting. Realizing they are all from the Hinterlands, the king asks if they are aware that Shadowhall is below Mount Orange. Indicating they are aware of this, The Rustoleii indicates that they intend to return there. The king sees that Kinnickinnic must be a powerful wizard and offers the use of the teleportation circle between the archives of the two cities. The subject of Aifos also comes up during the conversation and that he is not well-liked by the dwarves.

The audience ends in due time, and the group makes their way out of the palace while being as social and politically aware as they can be.

After some preparation, the group is ready to teleport to Shadowhall.


posted Jul 18, 2020, 7:01 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Methyltina 1, 2560

The Rustoleii, after floating within Time for some unknown length, individually find themselves each rushing toward a blue star. As they approach, they each realize it is a portal and beyond this portal the begin to make out a vast domed chamber with light streaming into it from its top. As they get closer, the begin to make out small indistinct figures positioned before a large, dark, translucent sphere upon which this light from the roof is being absorbed. Just before making contact with the portal, they see a blurred cross-shaped figure writhing and being drawn through the roof and into the sphere

Each passes through the portal to find themselves standing at the end of one of the arms of The Arcaneum of Matinia's Dwelve within The Rearing Realm. The figure being drawn into the sphere is a huge red dragon. The others standing near the orb are dwarves, one group is armed and armored, while the other group wear robes and carry staves. They watch as the dragon disappears within the orb.

In moments, the orb begins the pulse and crackles with electricity and a bolt of lightning shoots straight down the western arm of the chamber, disabling the portal at its end. In seconds, another lightning bolt shoots down the northwest arm where Tktk arrived. She manages to dodge the lightning bolt as it strikes her portal making it go dark. Then a lightning bolt shoots straight north impaling one of the dwarves on its way to shutting down the portal at the end of the north arm of the chamber. With this, Patch moves to his left to the wall on the side of the northeast chamber and avoids the lightning bolt that shoots down the arm of the chamber he is in.

All of The Rustoleii now begin to rush toward the sphere in the center of the chamber staying on the sides of their arms as they approach so as not to be hit by a lightning bolt. Patch, Tktk, and Wingra quickly make there way toward the fallen dwarf as Kinnickinnic positions himself between the east and southeast arms of the chamber. It is quite obvious the dwarf is dead having a charred, fist-sized hole through his torso. The next course of action is to try to escape the chamber. This is prompted by realizing the crackling on the sphere is actually cracks. Kinnickinnic and Tktk realize simultaneously that there will be a vast explosion very soon, which will likely release the trapped dragon. They all make a break for the south arm of the chamber hoping that a lightning bolt will not be directed down it.

The lightning bolts continue around the room taking out the portal as everyone runs for the chamber's exit. The lightning bolts skip the southern arm to everyone's relief, but at the lightning bolt strikes the southwest arm's portal, the sphere detonates as well, incinerating the body of the dead dwarf as well as the two other robed ones that had not yet made it to the southern arm. As the blast clears, the huge red dragon can be seen charging toward the southern arm roaring. All but Kinnickinnic are frightened by the dragon and race to exit through the locked door. Tktk quickly picks the lock while Kinnickinnic, armed with his staff of power, casts a wall of force across the opening of the southern arm and blocks the dragon's further advance.

The dragon pounds against the invisible wall for a minute before retreating back into the chamber and disappearing from sight. The Rustoleii and the surviving dwarves congregate in the stair tower and discuss why the dwarves were capturing a dragon and what to do next. The dragon has been terrorizing the area of the mountain range for several days and the dwarves had finally gotten The Arcaneum prepared to deal with it. However, apparently part of the process was missed causing the sphere to shatter. It is finally decided that The Rustoleii and the dwarven knight will return to the chamber and confront the dragon.

The group cautiously and invisibly enter the Arcaneum searching for the dragon. Tktk is the first to spot it in the northeast arm. However, the noise of the others entering alert the dragon and it begins to approach the south arm again. Not knowing exactly where anyone is, the dragon looses its fiery breath weapon in the direction of the south arm, but only catches Patch who resists it. At this point the onslaught of the adventurers overwhelm the dragon with Patch's maul bashes, Tktk's rapier stabs, and the dwarven knight's sword thrusts bringing the dragon down in a matter of seconds.

With the dragon slain, the dwarven knight shows his gratitude by welcoming the group into Matinia's Dwelve and a round of ales at The Platinum Anvil. Here both Tktk and Wingra notice another dwarf sitting at the bar definitely showing interest in the humans. Wingra engages this dwarf in conversation. This dwarf is fascinated with humans and talks about a group of humans that visited Matinia's Dwelve about a year ago. He has only heard about them but had not seen them. After some more ale and dinner, The Rustoleii get a suite of rooms at the inn across the street from the tavern.


posted Jun 21, 2020, 1:37 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 17, 2559

The Rustoleii now know that the crystal orb they need to craft the Orb of Indigo Dragonkind is kept in a vault by The Orbmaster. The next thing is to find out where this vault is and how to get into it without raising any suspicions. Any sort of brute force option is quickly removed as The Orbmaster himself can probably obliterate the group singlehandedly and he is never alone.

Locating the vault needs to be done first in any case. Scouting around The Orbmaster's Tower is a risky option for anyone but Tktk or possibly Kinnickinnic's familiar Ebenezer. The Archives has the blueprints of The Orbmaster's Tower, though the group will need to be lucky to find them. Having them, though, will show them where the vault is and also possibly how to enter secretly. However, The Orbmaster is a very powerful wizard and there are certain to be magical traps and barriers only passable through cleverness and magic. The secrets to bypassing the security of the vault are also hidden within The Archives and again luck will be needed to find this information as well. Or maybe persuasion and deception as researchers for The Orbmaster are always in The Archives pouring through tomes and other documents. They may be aware of some of the answers the group seeks are at least where to look for them.

Provided The Rustoleii find sufficient, reliable information, they should be able to enter the vault and retrieve the crystal orb. It will be dangerous and suspenseful, but it is possible.

Dodecitina 24, 2559

Spending a week in the archives and consulting with Mzondulft and a couple of unsuspecting Orbmaster apprentices, The Rustoleii are armed with enough information that they think they can pull of a heist of the Orbmaster's vault.

With a bit of magic, a bit of stealth, and some luck, The Rustoleii manage to enter a secret passageway in the Orbmaster's stronghold they discovered during their research.

They encounter traps, which they are able to disarm using a couple of the ciphers they discovered in the archives.

They also encounter incorporeal undead at a couple of different points, expectedly thanks to their research. Wingra's divine gifts neutralize them effectively.

After defeating a bound pit fiend, the group retreats into their rod of security to recover from the battles they have had thus far.

The final trap before they arrive at the vault is better hidden than the previous one and the group misses the clues to disarm it before it goes off. They still manage to avoid the ten-foot-wide steel ball and block the mechanism before it fully resets.

The final obstacle before finding the vault is a bound balor. The damage it does is primarily due to its death throes as it is defeated. Piles of treasure are found in the small chamber and the group takes another short rest before continuing.

A staircase leads to the final one hundred feet of hallway leading to a large, round, metal door. The door is surrounded by dwarven runes, runes collected in the archives that haven't appeared until now. From the research in the archives, Kinnickinnic believes he has the correct combination to open the door. However, this was a false lead and the group is blasted with lightning. Wingra is knocked unconscious by the blast. Quick thinking and action by Tktk, prevents Wingra from dying. After Wingra provides a round of healing to everyone, they assess the situation and try to determine runes necessary to open the door.

Tktk has a though and retrieves one of the Orbs of Dragonkind from her haversack. She looks through the orb at the door and sees four runes glowing this way, only one of them in common with the ones Kinnickinnic had tried earlier. She repeats the same inspection with the other orbs the group possesses and sees the same with each. Just in case, everyone backs up to the top of the stairs that lead from the balor's chamber, while Tktk tries the new combination. It works and the seal on the door is broken.

After dispelling the magical darkness within the vault, it is revealed that the fault is a miniature replica of the orb chamber at the top of Mount Orange. A pedestal sits in the center of the chamber is the crystal orb they have been looking to acquire. Nothing they try will allow them to take the orb. However, after some further investigation, Kinnickinnic determines some rune carved in a circle at the top of the chamber is a formula for a teleportation circle. Gathered into the vault, Kinnickinnic casts his spell using this formula.

The vault slams shut despite Tktk's efforts to prevent this and there is a great flash of light. The next thing they know, they are nothing but stars floating in a sea of stars. Apparently, time has shifted again.


posted Apr 18, 2020, 8:17 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated May 9, 2020, 11:23 AM ]

Dodecitina 15, 2559

The Rustoleii rest after collecting Aifos' belongings and then mount their Griffins and continue on to Mount Orange. While they are flying toward the mountain, a pair of young black dragons spot them from several miles away and start to pursue them. They engage as they swoop in.

In the aftermath of the battle with the black dragons, an indigo-colored pseudodragon appears in their midst. He speaks with a clear if nasally voice in Draconic to the party. This is Mourneye, Hester Indigoblood's familiar. The voice is that of Hester. He has been looking for the group for a while and wishes to meet them in person.

Depending on the exchange during this conversation, Hester will approach the characters on the peak of Mount Orange in a manner befitting the result.

He is aware of the group's involvement in Gruulamesh's latest defeat, so he is quite cautious. He will be prepared for any eventually, but really just wants them brought before Mornizmatorix, willing or not.

Hester will not let Ibzilizix or himself be killed in his attempt to capture the group if things get violent, so he will retreat if things don't go his way.

The Rustoleii have a civil conversation with Hester before entering the tiny hut for the night. The next day they fly their griffons to the peak of Mount Orange and begin searching for the door into Shadowhall.

They find the door as the sun begins to set and after a while, Tktk manages to open the door. They make their way into the uppermost levels of Shadowhall and first find the formula for crafting the indigo orb of dragonkind. The follow the previously collapsed spiral staircase to the orb chamber, avoiding a couple of traps along the way.

They arrive in the orb chamber to find it as they did the last time, less the body of Kinnickinnic's mother. They search it again, but this time find a tablet hidden under a pile of chains. This tablet is the secret part of the formula for activating the orbs, the piece the original research at Foortmaar was missing. Tired after a long day of flying and searching, the tiny hut is set up again for a rest.

During this rest, a contingent of dwarves find the magical hut after responding to an alarm when the second trap was triggered. Wingra greets them and after a conversation during which each member of the group, in turn, exits the hut, they are escorted to Shadowhall and brought before The Orbmaster. The dwarves are dumbfounded by the humans that seem to know a great deal about Shadowhall even though humans have never been here before. Mzondulft enters The Orbmaster's chamber looking for the humans and is immediately greeted by The Rustoleii as if they were good friends. He has no recollection of them and still has the wall to show them in The Archives.

The Rustoleii are taken to the wall with the leave of The Orbmaster and receive a message from Terrishaw about the dangers of Aifos and that they must succeed where he has failed repeatedly. They are also told to find the orb they seek, presumably the eleventh orb, with which to craft the Orb of Indigo Dragonkind. Mzondulft informs the group that The Orbmaster and his predecessors have kept this eleventh orb locked deep in his vault for millennia. He is unlikely to relinquish it to the group as mentioning it will raise his ire and likely provoke a violent reaction.


posted Mar 15, 2020, 11:21 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 8, 2559

As Kinnickinnic finishes his work transcribing Gruulamesh's spell tome into his own, Wingra finishes the design of the new tower keep The Rustoleii are having built, Patch finishes training in heavy weapon mastery and Tktk, along with Lari Arro, finish research on the artifact formula and questions it has brought up, they begin to notice a mysterious cloaked figure that has recently arrived in Ithl'Quessir. Wingra offers the visitor one of her newly invented pastries and discovers that it is none other than Yahara as an anthropoid. The donkey humanoid rejoins the group and plans begin to determine the group's next steps. After some discussion and debate, it is decided to return to Mount Orange to learn more about the creation of the Orbs of Dragonkind, since they need to create an Orb of Indigo Dragonkind as part of the process for removing dragons from power.

Dodecitina 14, 2559

The Rustoleii make their way to Mount Orange to have another look at the place where the Orbs of Dragonkind were created. This brings them to the ruins of the mountain destroyed by Emitae and Aifos during their battle by the end of their first day of travel. A black miasma occupies the northern part of the sheared off mountain, which they investigate. Wingra casts daylight to drive back the darkness of the miasma, which reveals a corpse near the miasma's center. Even though the darkness is thwarted, the other effects of the miasma are still in full effect, which causes a great deal of necrotic damage as the group enters. A vile curse also takes hold of the group, save Wingra who resists it. While approaching the corpse, a tremor knocks most of the group off their feet.

The group discovers that the corpse is a badly burned Aifos, though his gear appears to be intact. They recover his robes, weapons, haversack, and an amulet, as well as some gold. They discover the greatsword he carried is sentient and begins trying to convince Patch to wield it. Kinnickinnic erects a Leomund's tiny hut and spends some time divining the sword's properties, but it is not forthcoming on all of them.


posted Feb 16, 2020, 9:53 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Pentatina 14, 2559

The Rustoleii return to Ithl'Quessir to find it mostly the way they left it. The rubble at the site of the explosion has been cleared away and rebuilding has begun. They secure their treasures with the help of the elves and gnomes.

The following day, the group is summoned by the council and requested to meet with a mysterious cloaked figure who requested the group by name at the edge of the mythal. This mysterious figure is Ksirb Emitae, but he is not here to fight the characters. He is here to warn Ithl'Quessir of an impending attack on the mythal surrounding the city. He requests the characters to occupy Gruulamesh while he contends with Aifos.

Over the course of several days, the indigo half-dragon can be seen flying high above the city, occasionally casting spells at various points on the mythal to test for any weaknesses. From the city's point of view, no weaknesses are revealed by these tests. As Aifos prods, Ksirb Emitae secretly observes the quasi-deity for any weaknesses of his own.

On the fifth day, an army of undead rises up out of Morre Swamp on the western banks of The Everfloat. The army of skeletons and zombies carry additional corpses with them and begin piling them into the river as a means of bridging it. As the river is fouled by the rotting flesh as the bridge slowly spans it, Gruulamesh appears seeking his own conference with The Rustoleii.

Of course, the lich found the group's departure exceptionally rude, but he is willing to forgive them for the slight if they quit the elves and return to Foortmaar. He would hate to see the grand elven capital destroyed due to the actions of a few human adventurers. Should The Rustoleii initially disagree to return to Foortmaar, the lich will demonstrate his ability to damage the mythal as he did with Aifos' that lay over Foortmaar.

As Aifos perpetrates his own assault on the mythal, Ksirb Emitae makes his own quasi-deific presence felt and then engages Aifos in combat.

The Rustoleii have only a few moments to act, allowing the destruction of Ithl'Quessir or dismissing Gruulamesh back to his phylactery and saving the elvish city.

The Rustoleii meet with Ksirb Emitae and receive the warning to be delivered to the Council. The elven vampire also left behind a fingernail to be used to scry him as an offer of proof of the imminent invasion. The elves know better than to try and scry their former king as it would allow him to enter the mythal. Ksirb Emitae's proof is not necessary as Aifos appears in the sky above Ithl'Quessir to test its mythal.

The Rustoleii decide to meet the invading army well before they make it to The Everfloat. They mount griffons supplied to them by the elves and fly west until they reach the plains between Mount Orange and Morre Swamp. Kinnickinnic uses his wand of invisibility to turn the riders invisible as they glide high overhead. They spot a column of undead marching across the plains and circle around behind them at a distance so Gruulamesh will only notice griffons flying by and not be concerned.

The group swoops in from behind with Tktk in the lead and Patch following close behind. With one of Tktk's customary acrobatic feats, she leaps from her mount and times an attack on the lich without giving away her location or identity for that matter. Patch nearly as gracefully, but more directly lands from his leap behind the lich as well and delivers a devastating flurry of blows from his Hammer of Thunderbolts. Between Tktk's sneak attack and Patch's prowess, the lich is reduced to dust in mere seconds.

Before the dust has a chance to drift, Wingra closes in with Kinnickinnic who erects a wall of force between the marching skeletons and zombies and his companions. Wingra follows up with a bless spell to aid the attack.

After a barrage of firestorms, flame strikes, fireballs, gunfire and hammer blows, the company of undead is also reduced to scattering dust. The group recovers Gruulamesh's belongs which include the robes and staff identical to those which Kinnickinnic already possess, they also find an amulet of the planes and a professor orb in the shape of a carved crystal skull.

The victors mount their griffons and return to Ithl'Quessir. As they approach, they notice the low mountain what once stood to the northwest of The Everfloat has been reduced to a vast field of rubble twice the area of the original mountain. The Rustoleii inform the Council of their success and the Council informs them that Ksirb Emitae and Aifos destroyed the mountain in their conflict and have not been seen since. However, it is only a matter of time before they return, each being a lich, death knight and vampire, respectively.


posted Jan 25, 2020, 7:07 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Feb 9, 2020, 9:09 AM ]

Pentatina 12, 2559

An unwelcome, but familiar chill washes over The Rustoleii as they arrive back in the surviving section of the archives, but it is not the demilich returned. Instead, the desiccated figure of Gruulamesh, draped in robes identical to those worn by Kinnickinnic, stands before a shimmering oval portal hanging in the air behind him. He leans on a staff identical to that which Kinnickinnic just recovered from the purple worm's gullet. He bows, the pin-points of eery red light emanating from his empty eye sockets scanning, as the group wearily approaches him.

"Welcome, my lost little ones," the lich says. "I had hoped you survived the mishap with my teleportation circle. Your actions that day were impressive for ones of your age."

The conversation proceeds as it will from this point. The lich attempts to persuade the group to return to Foortmaar with him, so he can guide your artifact crafting activities going forward. He is extremely patient and conciliatory despite the reactions of the members of the group, adverse or otherwise. Violence will be met with warding magic, such as a globe of invulnerability or its kin. Barriers and counterspells will thwart attempts to escape until all the resources of both the lich and The Rustoleii are expended.

Gruulamesh's patience will hold regardless, but when all avenues of civility are exhausted, he requests someone beyond the portal to join them. Exiting the portal is the fallen, and corrupted figure of Aifos as an undead half indigo dragon wearing a black version of his usual white robes with a greatsword slung over his back, instead of his customary half gold dragon self. He is not the patient sort but will reign in his desire to destroy those who would slight him at the behest of Gruulamesh.

This instance of Aifos is not the guardian of dragons. He is, in fact, all about the extinction of dragons. He will explain what happened in a lament if asked what happened. Any sarcasm or belittling will be met with unpleasantness. He will snarl or perhaps draw the sword he carries as minimal threats. Causing the sword to burst into flame would be the next level of threat. Testing his restraint further is not a wise thing to do. Any of his violent reactions, however minor, are likely to kill.

The Rustoleii accept Gruulamesh's invitation to return to Foortmaar where they did meet the indigo version of Aifos. They take advantage of the castle's facilities, recruit Lari Arro and then Kinnickinnic casts teleportation circle to return everyone and their accumulated treasures back to Ithl'Quessir. The teleport is done from the top of the tower granted to them where Foortmaar's mythal doesn't extend, so they make a clean getaway.


posted Dec 28, 2019, 8:33 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Pentatina 11, 2559

The Rustoleii have an incredible amount of coin to move from Mithr to somewhere else. They quickly find that they will not be able to secure and transport all of the coinage in one trip back to the teleportation circle that will return them to Ithl'Quessir.

While they are gleaning what the can from the elvish archives, an earthquake triggered by the digging of a purple worm destroys a section of the building and sends the adventurers sliding into a vast cavern. There, they come face to maw with the great worm.

Illithids, hell-bent on revenge for the loss of the ulitharid the group dispatched while in search of the archives, wander into the cavern as the group is trying to climb back into the remaining, intact part of the archive.

After these encounters, the Rustoleii hear a vaguely familiar voice in the darkness.


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Pentatina 7, 2559

Having saved Patch from his condition, Wingra and the rest of The Rustoleii exit the rod of security and re-enter the Underdark.

They return down the passage that led them to the lake where the aboleth attacked them and took the other tunnel in the fork they encountered days earlier.

The path seems more promising as they find more ruined stonework embedded in the otherwise seamless basalt. It is sparse at first but then begins to become more common until recognizable walls appear.

This construction eventually vanishes until they find themselves in rough tunnels again. They then encounter a drow patrol.

Continuing beyond the battle with the drow, they again find ancient elvish construction that leads them to a nearly intact building.

Entering the building gives them palpable chills. The wander through the stacks of a vast library until they find an open area. As they approach, dust swirls up to form a humanoid form with a gem-encrusted skull as its head. The jaws part, releasing a terrifying howl. From this point, the battle is on against a demilich.

After defeating the demilich, a search ensues for the plans to create the artifact. They find what they are looking for as well as a vast chronicle in draconic, dwarvish, gnomish and elvish of the first three and a half cycles of Lehnbor's Workbench's history.


posted Oct 5, 2019, 8:14 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Oct 5, 2019, 8:15 PM ]

Butyltina 28, 2559

The Rustoleii have likely affected another change to reality by a mischievous intention or at least a discussion of it.

They also discover during their conversation with the Baelnorn, that Mithr was built over by Auroqualorix's followers to establish Yin Cheng. If they wish to acquire the plans for the artifact, they need to travel across the continent once again.

The prospect of traveling back across the continent to Yin Cheng leads to finding an alternative. Teleportation becomes an alternative mode of transportation. Kinnickinnic learns the teleport circle spell along with the rune for the Baelnorn's circle. He also finds references to seven Mithr circles of which four may still be in existence. Tktk also does some research regarding runes throughout Almebezbik. She finds three referenced in draconic, dwarven and gnomish documents. One is in Shadowhall, one in the Arcaneum of The Rearing Realm and one in either Bel'Quessir or Taur'Quessir.

After several days of research, the group decides to attempt to teleport to one of the circles of Mithr. Kinnickinnic casts the spells and steps through the portal to have a quick look around. Its destination is a dark room, so he has the others follow. The room surrounding the portal has one exit which they follow. It leads to a cavern. The cavern has a huge gray ooze lurking within. They dispatch it and move on.

They leave this cavern through the more natural of its exits where they shortly encounter an ulitharid with a pair of grimlocks. Patch and Kinnickinnic manage to defeat the super mind flayer before it can get to a stunned Tktk or Wingra. This passage leads to an underground lake where an aboleth accosts the adventures. They kill the monster, but not before Patch contracts a disease that causes his skin to become translucent and slimy.

Not wanting to risk another of those creatures attacking while they rest with Patch in the water, Wingra uses the rod of security to fashion a resting place with a lake to safely allow them to rest. She then cures Patch's ailment.

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