The Adventures

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Table of Contents

  1. Aftermath
  2. Unhinged
  3. Hunted
  4. Miscalculation
  5. Warped
  6. Monumental
  7. Espial
  8. Riven
  9. Beckon
  10. Drawn
  11. Refuge
  12. Missive
  13. Spelunk
  14. Fossick
  15. Schism
  16. Disjointed
  17. Transmorgify
  18. Seeking
  19. Treachery
  20. Covetousness
  21. Paddle
  22. Crossing
  23. Ingress
  24. Betrayal
  25. Tour
  26. Homecoming
  27. Peregrination
  28. Business
  29. Maelstrom
  30. Revisit
  31. Trial
  32. Empiric
  33. Return
  34. Tuition
  35. Extraction


posted Dec 28, 2019, 8:33 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Pentatina 11, 2559

The Rustoleii have an incredible amount of coin to move from Mithr to somewhere else. They quickly find that they will not be able to secure and transport all of the coinage in one trip back to the teleportation circle that will return them to Ithl'Quessir.

While they are gleaning what the can from the elvish archives, an earthquake triggered by the digging of a purple worm destroys a section of the building and sends the adventurers sliding into a vast cavern. There, they come face to maw with the great worm.

Illithids, hell-bent on revenge for the loss of the ulitharid the group dispatched while in search of the archives, wander into the cavern as the group is trying to climb back into the remaining, intact part of the archive.

After these encounters, the Rustoleii hear a vaguely familiar voice in the darkness.


posted Nov 10, 2019, 2:47 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Jan 9, 2020, 10:22 AM ]

Pentatina 7, 2559

Having saved Patch from his condition, Wingra and the rest of The Rustoleii exit the rod of security and re-enter the Underdark.

They return down the passage that led them to the lake where the aboleth attacked them and took the other tunnel in the fork they encountered days earlier.

The path seems more promising as they find more ruined stonework embedded in the otherwise seamless basalt. It is sparse at first but then begins to become more common until recognizable walls appear.

This construction eventually vanishes until they find themselves in rough tunnels again. They then encounter a drow patrol.

Continuing beyond the battle with the drow, they again find ancient elvish construction that leads them to a nearly intact building.

Entering the building gives them palpable chills. The wander through the stacks of a vast library until they find an open area. As they approach, dust swirls up to form a humanoid form with a gem-encrusted skull as its head. The jaws part, releasing a terrifying howl. From this point, the battle is on against a demilich.

After defeating the demilich, a search ensues for the plans to create the artifact. They find what they are looking for as well as a vast chronicle in draconic, dwarvish, gnomish and elvish of the first three and a half cycles of Lehnbor's Workbench's history.


posted Oct 5, 2019, 8:14 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Oct 5, 2019, 8:15 PM ]

Butyltina 28, 2559

The Rustoleii have likely affected another change to reality by a mischievous intention or at least a discussion of it.

They also discover during their conversation with the Baelnorn, that Mithr was built over by Auroqualorix's followers to establish Yin Cheng. If they wish to acquire the plans for the artifact, they need to travel across the continent once again.

The prospect of traveling back across the continent to Yin Cheng leads to finding an alternative. Teleportation becomes an alternative mode of transportation. Kinnickinnic learns the teleport circle spell along with the rune for the Baelnorn's circle. He also finds references to seven Mithr circles of which four may still be in existence. Tktk also does some research regarding runes throughout Almebezbik. She finds three referenced in draconic, dwarven and gnomish documents. One is in Shadowhall, one in the Arcaneum of The Rearing Realm and one in either Bel'Quessir or Taur'Quessir.

After several days of research, the group decides to attempt to teleport to one of the circles of Mithr. Kinnickinnic casts the spells and steps through the portal to have a quick look around. Its destination is a dark room, so he has the others follow. The room surrounding the portal has one exit which they follow. It leads to a cavern. The cavern has a huge gray ooze lurking within. They dispatch it and move on.

They leave this cavern through the more natural of its exits where they shortly encounter an ulitharid with a pair of grimlocks. Patch and Kinnickinnic manage to defeat the super mind flayer before it can get to a stunned Tktk or Wingra. This passage leads to an underground lake where an aboleth accosts the adventures. They kill the monster, but not before Patch contracts a disease that causes his skin to become translucent and slimy.

Not wanting to risk another of those creatures attacking while they rest with Patch in the water, Wingra uses the rod of security to fashion a resting place with a lake to safely allow them to rest. She then cures Patch's ailment.


posted Sep 21, 2019, 8:06 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 16, 2559

Having lighted the forge beneath Ithl'Quessir, the Rustoleii, now seek to begin the crafting of the new artifact that will be used to end the draconic rule of Almebezbik. This process begins with the group searching the forge. They find two particularly interesting books. One being the Yacura Osta Tel'Quessir or the book of artifacts used to defeat the dragons cycles ago. The other is a gnomish book similar, if not identical, to the one held by Gammi in his shop. Tktk tests out the formula to make steelisin resist gravity and it succeeds. While she is doing this Kinnickinnic figures out that the plans for the harness they need to construct to hold the orbs of Dragonkind are in Mith'Quessir.

The group concludes they need to talk to the Quadrinary again to find out where this Mith'Quessir is. As they leave the forge to return to the city above, they discover that all the remaining steelisin that was on the giant ball, as well as the dust, is gone. They surmise the gnome has taken it and begin to craft it into other things. As they emerge from the tunnel into the city a great explosion rocks the city. As gnomes are known for their "curse," they make their way to Gammi's shop and find instead a crater. The shop and all the buildings immediately surrounding it have been obliterated. The buildings next to this crater have been badly damaged and many injured elves and gnomes need rescuing. After the group meets the Quadrinary approaching the disaster, they request an audience with the Baelnorn. Until the audience, the group assists with the care of the injured and the cleanup.

After several days, they get to see the Baelnorn. They approach the eight shrouded figures on their thrones and introduce themselves. During the conversation, the discover that Mithr may still contain the information they need even though it was destroyed thousands of years ago. They also discover that one, and only one, of the Baelnorn, knows of Aifos. In a lengthy discussion regarding Aifos' plans and existence, it is determined that Aifos' death during the crash of the dragon they rode upon away from Ithl'Quessir the first time was a time-ripping event that has altered reality. The Rustoleii then determine to manage to survive long enough to right the wrong in the future. Developing several contingencies, they believe that time can be mended and their original course will continue with Aifos for better or worse.


posted Aug 31, 2019, 8:11 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 15, 2559

After spending a couple of days waiting to find out what the elves are going to do, they are escorted back through the city to the hall they once fought the phasms in, but this time the place is intact and there are actually elves in the Quadribunal.

As they enter the central chamber, a familiar figure in the form of a hobgoblin is being led out, trussed and gagged, by several elven guards. He will not acknowledge his name and appears to not recognized The Rustoleii. The guards only mention, if asked, that he is being taken out of the city and being hanged for his crimes.

The four humans are brought before the Quadribunal where they are questioned extensively about their mission and their alleged encounter with Ksirb Emitae. The elves are very concerned about the presence of their vampire king and have no knowledge of Aifos. They do eventually acknowledge that his plan to defeat the great wyrms sounds feasible, but the artifact forge has been abandoned for millennia.

After clearing out the forge, the elves are more than willing to help try and put the great wyrm slaying apparatus together.


posted Jul 7, 2019, 7:18 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 9, 2559

After The Rustoleii have unloaded their belongings from the boat, Skelysis suggests a campsite nearby. He then departs back into the swamp, quickly disappearing among the vegetation and fog. The group finds the campsite and settles in, safe for as long as they wish to stay.

Once they continue their journey toward Ithl'Quessir, they happen across the site of an ancient battle strewn with the wreckage of rotting siege engines and graves marked by disintegrating helmets on rusted weapons thrust into the ground. Ghosts still fighting the pitched battle emerge from the graves and attack. After the harrowing battle, it is imperative that the group travel beyond the battlefield. Should this battle go horribly bad for The Rustoleii, a mysterious benefactor will see them back to their original campsite.

Finding a safe campsite on the open plains between the battlefield and the city is challenging. The group needs to rest before they can travel too much farther, so they set up camp with as much cover as they can manage. Unable to conceal their camp sufficiently, a group of cyclopses finds it during the night. They occupy the area harassing the camp until slain or driven off. If slain, the group will be safe to complete their rest, though it will be stressful due to not knowing if something else will wander into the campsite.

When the group finally gets underway again, the travel until they enter an orderly grove of ancient maple trees. They are hailed from behind just as the enter the woods by a cloaked figure. They may recognize this creature from a previous encounter outside The Everfloat the last time they approached Ithl'Quessir. The being will not remember the adventurers and claims to have never met them before. It will take offense to any rudeness and is very sensitive it, clearly agitated by its surroundings. It will reluctantly enter the woods with the group if it finds any advantage in doing so.

Following the encounter with the elven vampire and depending on the outcome, a patrol of Ithl'Quessir elves will happen upon its aftermath to find the group or hail them if continuing on their way to the city. The elves are very concerned about the group's presence within The Everfloat, especially so close to Ithl'Quessir. They will be abrupt and aloof unless and until they have proof that the group just encountered an elven vampire.

One way or another, they get escorted to Ithl'Quessir to continue their mission for Aifos.


posted Jun 1, 2019, 7:01 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Butyltina 7, 2559

The Rustoleii reload Skelysis' boat and set out into the swamps to the east of Hinterburg as the return to Ithl'Quessir. They travel most of a day before the enter the swamp at which point travel becomes a tedious exercise in navigation. Skelysis is a master of dealing with the swamps treacherous areas but does not have an answer for the weather. A terrifying thunderstorm with extreme winds overtakes the boat late in the day. The storm is so violent that the boat is tossed about and causes its passengers to be flung into the swamp. Everyone loses sight of Skelysis, his craft, their beasts of burden, and each other as well.

Once The Rustoleii have gotten back in touch with one another, a pair of young black dragons swoop in. They are hunting the donkeys and will quickly kill them unless distracted. The dragons may continue to focus on the beasts if the response from the characters isn't threatening. The dragons are arrogant and will not think of fleeing.

After the young dragons have been dealt with, Skelysis finally returns with the boat. He indicates that all are in danger, as the storm pushed them all into the area an adult black dragon claims. This dragon will investigate as they travel, trying to leave its demesne. It will eventually attack, realizing its offspring have been killed.

Upon surviving the dragon, Skelysis finds safer, quicker paths through the swamp and joins The Everfloat. He navigates the fast river and docks in a hidden alcove along the banks of Ithl'Quessir's land. However, taking a long rest before leaving the swamp will attract three trolls that will interrupt before the rest completes.


posted May 4, 2019, 8:19 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Jun 1, 2019, 10:52 AM ]

Butyltina 5, 2559

Neither of the competing thieves' guilds is pleased that The Rustoleii humbled them as they have. They are also neither stupid nor forgiving. Assassination is the next problem the group is about to face and the wizard is the assassin's first target. The killer will tail the group at a distance from the inn throughout the city until an opportunity presents itself; a distraction, separation, or some situation where the assassin can quickly move in and strike. She'll be patient, gauging Tktk's skills to the point that an attempt may not occur the first or even the second day.

The other thieves' guild takes another course of action. They try to setup up the group to take the fall for a crime. Initially, they try and get the constabulary to investigate the murders in the street from the previous night, but someone has mysteriously disposed of the dead bodies; leaving no evidence of the battle. They run a shill, attempting to implicate Tktk in a theft, but this will prove challenging, but they will be patient just as the assassin will be.

In the meantime, the group has things to sell and possibly stuff to buy before they depart for Ithil'Quessir again.


posted Apr 21, 2019, 7:54 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Jul 8, 2019, 4:39 PM ]

Butyltina 4, 2559

The Rustoleii take to the Rust River beyond the falls on Skelisis' keelboat returning to Ithil'Quessir. The first several days are stressful but uneventful as the going is relatively slow and they are waiting for a dragon to fly over. They see several dragons, but at great distances to the west and south.

They travel east for the first day, anchoring on the far southern end of what the elves call Raven Lake. While the group is camping on the shore, a raiding party of sahuagin tries to make off with the supplies stored on the keelboat. There are also several sharks along the shore poised to attack any of the group that enters the water.

The next couple of days are traveling south up the Raven River, having the donkeys pull the keelboat against the current.

Where the Raven River becomes a tributary of the Morre River, they dock just outside the walled city of Hinterburg. The walled city is a crowded and bustling place with resources that the characters have never encountered before. Wingra does recall hearing of it as it is one of the places Rust River Falls bread is shipped to. Only Tktk has encountered so many people in such close proximity and this was New York City. Sleight of hand may be hard for Tktk to control. This is a good place to unload a lot of the stuff accumulated on Bob and possibly someplace to find a desired magic item.

The characters look at the surrounding landscape and realize this is the city they flew over (though now not as big) when they lost Aifos.

During the first evening in the city, they manage to sell off the especially worthwhile clothing and jewelry they have accumulated through their journeys, while also acquiring another haversack that the proprietor did not realize was magical. Also, a smith buys the suit of magical chainmail they have been carrying around as well. The magical weapons are beyond the resources of the smith, but he suggests finding a buyer among the nobles, priests, and factions of the city.

Of course, all of this bargaining and accumulation of coin has gotten the attention of both competing thieves' guilds in the city. They team up against The Rustoleii. However, Kinnickinnic's bravado is not unfounded and they make quick work of the thieves, one member of each guilds' representation escaping with their lives. This probably will not be the last they hear of them.


posted Mar 13, 2019, 7:29 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Jul 8, 2019, 4:37 PM ]

Butyltina 1, 2559

The Rustoleii approach Rust River Falls. They notice that it has none of the improvements or the palisade added by Aifos' beneficence, but also none of the destruction from the dragon's attack after the cataclysm. Also, they are called to a halt outside the hamlet's boundaries by four guards outfitted in indigo scale mail and shields with Mornzimatorix' sigil embossed on them. They are armed with morningstars and have crossbows slung over their backs. They demand to see travel papers and ask what their business is in Rust River Falls.

None of them recognize any of these guards. When papers cannot be produced, the guards move to arrest them; calling reinforcements as they approach. None of the guards recognize Kinnickinnic, Patch or Wingra as having grown up in or near the Falls, so they ignore any claims they have. The ruckus attracts the attention of the townsfolk, which include Wingra's and Kinnickinnic's parents as well as the wise woman Ingrid Baker.

This initial encounter can go one of several ways:

  • The Rustoleii or their parents convince the guards they belong in Rust River Falls and conversations can go on from there ✔︎
  • The Rustoleii don't convince the guards they belong in Rust River Falls but don't resist arrest
    • They will be held in Warren Wyrmshield's house until Hester Indigoblood arrives from The Cavern of Ink to sort out the situation
  • The Rustoleii initiate hostilities and they defeat the guards of Rust River Falls and gain the enmity of Warren Wyrmshield who will dispatch Hester Indigoblood to hunt them down
    • This will place a bounty on their heads and they will need to find sanctuary somewhere

Mention of any Archmage will be met with consternation at best and arrest or attack at worst. Escaping will have Hester Indigoblood and Ibzilizix hunting them.

The Kinnickinnic, Patch, and Wingra reunite with their parents and are recognized as citizens. Since the other three are verified citizens of Mornzimatorix' realm, they can vouch for Tktk and she is accepted as well, though she will eventually need to return to the Cavern of Ink to obtain her traveling papers.

The group retires to the bakery with their parents to relax and converse until Patch's parents need to return to the farm before night. Astor and Brady invite the group to stay overnight at their house. Upon entering the house, Kinnickinnic's parents usher them through a secret down and down into the secret library and laboratory. Here the discuss the discrepancies between the group's original and current timeline.

  • Aifos is completely unknown and seems to have had no influence on this timeline
  • The Wizard's Cataclysm occurred, but only claimed most of the Archmagi's lives during the retaliation by the Great Wyrms for their attempted assassinations
  • Foortmaar exists
  • Mount Orange did not lose its summit
  • The younger dragons did not go insane and attack

The group decides to return to Ithl'Quessir to deliver the items as they have attempted before.

The following morning they seek out Skelisis. They find him returning to his cabin with a deer over his shoulder taken during a hunt. Understanding that the group wishes to go to Ithl'Quessir, he offers to take them on his raft. Leaving Rust River Falls becomes seemingly urgent as an indigo dragon carrying a rider arrives over the thorp. They take a concealing route down to the river and board the raft and begin the trek to return to the ancient elven city as the dragon lands on the other side of the settlement.

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