Rust River Falls

The Thorp of Bread

This thorp is the hometown of Wingra, a baker and apprentice healer; Kinnickinnic, the son of spellcasters; and Patch, the son of a local farmer that survived one of the attacks by Mornzimatorix's dragon subjects that have been occurring since a terrifying, supernatural storm that appears to have provoked these attacks across The Hinterlands. Wingra has been tasked with finding a new healer for the thorp as the former one was killed, along with Kinnickinnic’s father, in this attack.

Also, the thorp is known for its bread, which is made from the wheat grown in the fields around the thorp and is popular across The Hintermorre. These fields are irrigated by the Rust River, which flows from Mount Orange in the western reaches of The Hintermorre. It is speculated that the waters of this mountain are what make their bread so good.

Rust River Falls (thorp): standard (constable) AL NE; monstrous (dragon) AL CE; 160-gp limit; Assets 640 gp; Population 30; Isolated (human 96% (29), elf 2% (1))

Authority Figures: Warren Wyrmshield male human warrior 3

Important Characters: Ingrid Baker female human expert 3, Skelysis male elf fighter 1

Others: commoner 1 (25); expert 1; warrior 1 (militia)

PCs: Kinnickinnic male human magus, Patch male human militant, Wingra female human priestess