The Vicinity

The Characters' Neck of the Woods

To the right is a map of the area with which the characters are familiar (click on the map to enlarge it).

Below is a list of the landmarks, who or what can be found there, the surrounding terrain and its significance to the area.

The Hinterlands - 8th Cycle

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Darkwood Humans Eastern edge of Taurine Forest Large logging community 
Foortmaar Humans The Taurine Forest and surrounding mountains Settlement of humans secretly studying spellcasting 
Hooded Mountain Indigo and white dragons; yeti; sheep and goats Southern highlands and foothills of The Hinterlands The tallest mountain in The Hinterlands; houses The Cavern of Ink 
Ink Swamp Black and indigo dragons; swamp-dwelling creatures Knife Mountain to west and Hooded Mountain to south Source of draconic enforcers in area 
Ithl'Quessir Elves; fey; game The Everfloat and plains within Ancient ruins of elves great "Second City" 
Kinfolk Forest Green dragons; elves; forest-dwelling creatures Forest of The Hinterlands east Highest concentration of elves on Almebezbik 
Knife Mountain White dragons The Hinterland west Named as such because of its form as a great curved knife 
Morre Swamp Black dragons; swamp-dwelling creatures Just south of The Hintermorre Draconic guardians of the farming to the north 
Mount Orange Sheep and goats This is the tall peak on the western side of The Hintermorre Minerals washed down from this mount by way of The Rust River help with the growing of wheat used to bake bread in Rust River Falls 
Orange Humans Agricultural lands of The Hintermorre Farthest west settlement of The Hintermorre 
Rust River Falls Humans Agricultural lands of The Hintermorre Known for the bread baked in the ancient Dwarven ovens that dominate the center of this thorp 
Shadowhall Dwarves The Underdark below Mount Orange Metropolis miles below the surface 
Taurine Forest Green dragons; humans; tauric creatures; forest-dwelling creatures Covers the plains west of The Hinterlands Home of a secret human spellcasters society 
The Cavern of Ink Mornzimatorix the Great Indigo Wyrm Deep within Hooded Mountain Seat of draconic power within The Hinterlands 
The Everfloat Aquatic creatures Forest, swamp and plains of The Hinterlands northeast A continuous river that flows counter-clockwise fed by two mountains 
The Flood Plains Bronze dragons; humans; herd animals Between The Hinterlands and The Southern Mountains Less tyrannical dragons rule this area 
The Hintermorre Humans; cattle The Hinterlands north Area supplies most of the food for The Hinterlands, dragon and humanoid alike 
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