Age of the Diabolic - Eighth Cycle

Ancient Almebezbik is in turmoil.  Dragons dominate, but the latest new race - Humans - have begun to proliferate...and become a perceived threat to the current draconic reign.

Even though dragons live for countless millennia and have extraordinarily long memories, thousands of years of unchallenged domination still has them fall prey to apathy.

Despite the ramifications of the latest Wizards' Cataclysm of which dragons have seen countless, they overconfidently assume the humans who caused it were destroyed by it. Many were, but far more lesser dragons were affected than the great wyrms realize.

This is true for most great wyrms.  However, Mornzimatorix the Great Indigo Wyrm is a paranoid tyrant with a very long memory and is not taking the situation lightly.  This includes quite a lot of forays by his subjects hunting down spellcasters...of all the "lesser" races.
The Continent of Almebezbik - 8th Cycle Dragons IV
The Continent of Almebezbik - 8th Cycle